Devil May Cry 2 Has Been a Cautionary Tale For 20 Years

Game Rant Writes "It's easy to dismiss Devil May Cry 2 as a blunder by the burgeoning franchise, but the game had a larger impact than most realize."

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Knushwood Butt53d ago

Hmmm. Currently playing DMC5 - up to stage 8 boss, and not really sure about it.
V seems way too overpowered and scrubby to use, and the cat AI seems almost random.
Overall game difficulty seems all over the place.
That woman in the van is really weird and pretty annoying. The expression on her face when she's putting new arms on the counter is priceless.

TheEnigma31352d ago

I've only ever enjoyed DMC 1 & 3. The others were meh for me. DMC2 was straight dumpster dripping though; it was a different studio if I'm not mistaken.

Aloymetal52d ago

The 1st one was the best imo, played that game like crazy. Good times.

EternalTitan51d ago

At least it was no DmC:Devil May Cry

BlaqMagiq151d ago

It also needs a remake so it can actually feel like a proper entry.