It's Time for a New Mainline Devil May Cry Game

With DMC5's four-year anniversary passing and the increased relevance of its genre, now could be the best time for a new Devil May Cry game.

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isarai69d ago

They are working on Dragons Dogma 2


Never heard about it, but boy do I hope you are right! Dragon's Dogma was great!

isarai68d ago

Was a very anticlimactic announcement, but it's official!

Gridknac68d ago

I am super surprised that a total remake of the first DMC, in the vein of the latest Resident Evil titles, hasn't been revealed.


It was at least a decade between 4 and 5, so keep holding your breath ;)

68d ago
cbuc112568d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Exactly...these games don't come out often.

Furesis68d ago

Right, surely there wasn't anything else that was the cause for that...

FallenAngel198468d ago

DmC released between those titles. Even if it’s its own continuity it still showed Capcom was interested in the series

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TheEnigma31368d ago

Capcom is banging out the RE series. I would Love a new Onimusha and Power Stone from Capcom.

thejigisup68d ago

Well sh*t while we're at it let's get a remake of MvC2. Honestly Devil May Cry was one of my favorite games and I really didn't like the tonal shift too much as the series progressed. Now would be a good time to return to DMC 1 and do a soft reboot from there keeping the tone dark. I would also be 100% down for a game based on the story of Sparda.