Devil May Cry's Engine Problems

The info released about the upcoming DmC game has been received controversially. A fan of the series argues one of the biggest issues is the choice of engines for the game.

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ZombieAssassin2867d ago

Agree 100% with the article, the UE is a bad choice for the game. I've played DMC3 at 30fps (had it on PC) and it does take away from that nice flow DMC games have. Not only that we can tell by NT's last UE game that they can't even keep it at a locked 30fps. I really wish Capcom would of just made them use the MT framework considering I think the visuals would be on par with whatever they create with UE and double the framerate.

the_kutaragi_baka2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

UE has it that gives the false impression of being graphically impressive, but when you take a closer look you see there really isn't much detail.

kaveti66162866d ago

Not true. UE has been used to great success in a variety of games.

If the developers make an effort, you can't even tell it's UE.

Mirror's Edge is a good example.

Don't blame UE for someone else's ineptitude.

Because the engine licence comes pre-loaded with many assets familiar to UE tournament or GEOW, some lazy developers tend to use them rather than create their own.

Example: Quantum Theory.

Fishy Fingers2867d ago

"In comparison UE 3 is designed for games running at 30 frames per second"

Eh? Rubbish, its just with said engine to get the visuals gamers expect they're forced to compromise and only run at 30FPS.

ZombieAssassin2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

2 games on consoles that use the UE have run at 60fps and they are fighters, it's the engine. I've seen games that look better than UE games that run at 60fps. I'm not saying they couldn't get it running at 60fps but the graphics would be original xbox graphics and thats because of how the engine is designed or coded or whatever you want to call it.

Fishy Fingers2867d ago

Unreal Tournament 3, 60FPS. An engine isnt designed for a set number of FPS simple as that. Especially not UE3 which is designed to scale with hardware.

ZombieAssassin2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Could of swore Mark Rein said it was 30fps on consoles

Like i said they could get it running at 60fps but it would be a huge compromise to the graphics but other engines have better looking games running at 60fps, so in a way it is the engine and how it's designed. On Pc it's a whole other thing as it depends on hardware and I'm sure on next gen consoles UE3 will be able to run 60fps without a huge hassle but that's not the case now on ps3/360. NetherRealm Studios even said it was tricky to get it running at 60fps with a fighter that only has 2 characters on screen at once and very small arena's.

So basically yea you could get it running at 60fps but then you would have one bad looking game.

DiffusionE2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Hmmm.....And here I thought the engine was the only part that is even remotely decent about the game.

Edit - Thanks for taking the time to disagree, O' brave net-dweller.

femshep2866d ago

who cares they already murdered DMC capcom should have taken it away from ninja theory when they should the teaser a year ago....and the E3 showing they had showed that ninja theory still can't make a game and is out to ruin one of gaming's best franchises

Dante is a gaming icon you can't change him....that would be like saying he let's change Kratos's character or master chiefs, or Duke Nukem

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