21 years ago, Capcom changed action games forever

21 years ago Capcom released one of the most groundbreaking action games of all time, and the genre would never be the same again.

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ApocalypseShadow101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Dante was so cool, he created his own sub genre of games. Loved the characters, the style, the action and the music. First game even almost has that Castlevania feel walking down the hallways of the castle with the bell sound in the background.

Only time I'd say that a bug in game development actually helped to create something great. Well, and Street Fighter combos.

Also, Dark Souls didn't start the souls genre of games. It was Demon Souls.

Neonridr101d ago

Pretty ironic to see that this game started out as an idea for Resident Evil 4. Ultimately the idea was rejected but was still completed and released as its own separate IP and went on to be a super successful series. One of those what-if scenarios that just happened to work out.

HyperMoused100d ago

Absolutely unreal game, beat it on all difficulties, If i had to use a term, first souls like difficulty type game for me, Dont get too caught up, hit when you can get away dodge get another hit in etc....Also a bit more of a serious theme which i like, the later games get a bit more teenage if you will, but still good.