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PSLS: When I stepped onto the E3 floor, I saw a lot of very unique things from interesting booth babes to wacky people, but nothing got to the level of the Atlus developed title Catherine. When I sat down for hands on with the game I had no idea what to expect and I can say now, this game is nothing like you would think.

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knifefight2690d ago

I heard this game is really hard and they had to release an easier patch in Japan. Any substance to that?

Surfaced2690d ago

Nice preview but Cameron got something wrong - the character Vincent is 32-years-old, not 42.

BigWoopMagazine2690d ago

It sounds interesting, and yet, I still find it so kind weird and creepy. I just still don't know what to think... maybe I should just go play it already.

bangoskank2690d ago

I pre-ordered. As a life-long gamer I'm constantly looking for something a little different from the norm. This seems to fit that description. I could also relate to the main character's fear of relationships.

Mikeyy2690d ago

IMH, it looks like a game you'll quit playing after you beat off.

bangoskank2689d ago

Only if you have the mental capacity of a chimpanzee.