Comparative Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) - Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita)

Compare Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) with the newly announced Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita). Judge for yourself the differences between games and consoles.

Original idea: Guille_c94
Made by: Joanastic

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metsgaming2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

looks very close to me, plus the game isnt finished they still arent done yet. Its impressive Sony Bend looks like they are doing a really good job and a doing the series justice. This is why i want the NGP day 1, that is if its a launch game which it probably is.

a_bro2693d ago

and thats their first NGP game. imagine how much of a leap foward it will be when they make their second NGP game.

metsgaming2693d ago

exactly its a launch game and it looks amazing. Plus its not ND whos doing it which makes it even more impressive that they got to that quality.

jony_dols2693d ago

Sony Bend even said themselves that they were amazed at the power of the device, and that there is plenty of unharnessed power waiting to be unlocked for future titles on the NGP..

Therealspy032693d ago

They probably won't make a second uncharted for ngp. my guess is, while ngp will definitely be cool and powerful, it will do only slightly better than psp. and uncharted is probably the only reason it will do slightly better.

handheld just isn't the way the hardcore wants to go. what are you going to do? sit in your living room and stare at a 4 inch screen when you have a 50" sitting 3 feet away? it makes no sense. the only way handhelds have a chance is if they have some sort of HDMI out that allows you to play on your television. in fact, i think sony dropped the ball here. the smart move would have been to make the NGP MORE powerful than the ps3 and marketed it as a home console that you can take with you.

Thecraft19892693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Therealspy03 you are missing the point of handheld. With the NGP I can sit on the long flights to America playing amazing games or watching movies.

I can sit in my chair at work playing games on the night shifts when its quiet.

VampiricDragon the NGP dose not do 720p the resolution is 960 x 544

VampiricDragon2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


Sorry that is my mistake but that doesnt change the fact that the pictures were (1920 x1080)Thats a fact. The real thing would be alot more jaggy

It still looks fine though.

jony_dols2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


Have you not seen the ingame screenshots comparing Drakes Fortune against the Golden Abyss (alpha code)? The games look great ( close to PS3 standard) on the system's OLED screen.

What! Of course hardcore gamers (me included) enjoy gaming on the go!

Have you never been on a long bus, train or plane journey and wished you could just be chilled back playing Uncharted instead of listening to that same old ipod playlist while staring blankly at the granny (with saggy nips) in front of you?

Or how about when your just lying in bed on a freezing cold morning and instead of crawling out of bed, you just flick on your NGP and play a bit Call of Duty on Wifi....

If hardcore gamers didn't like gaming on the go, then why do Alienware & Asus sell a shitload of laptops?

sikbeta2693d ago

First NGP Game looks Amazing, these beast handheld will only get better...

CommonSense2693d ago Show
Christopher2693d ago

***what are you going to do? sit in your living room and stare at a 4 inch screen when you have a 50" sitting 3 feet away***

I actually do that all the time. Game a lot on my DS, iPhone, and iPad while at home.

SilentNegotiator2693d ago

If nothing else, the character model looks better in the NGP game. (I forgot how much better Drake looked in 2 in comparison to

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pain777pas2693d ago

Well done Bend studios but what else is new with those guys. NGP is a beast no doubt games and tech is there. The price Sony... please get the pricing as low as possible for wifi only. I will get the 3G on the next iteration. I am a sucker for tech. However, if the 3G is priced right I might just go for the big one.

VampiricDragon2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

the ps3 shots look better because of the lighting and real resolution, and textures.

You also have to remember that the ngp can only go up to 720p and those pictures are doctored to be 1920 x. So the resolution wont be as good as that.

But still looks good despite that, hope its really fun

Hisiru2693d ago

NGP is a handheld... it doesn't need high resolution because of the small screen.

STONEY42693d ago

And it'll definitely appear sharper and less jaggie than the original PSP considering the resolution on the NGP is roughly doubled from the PSP, but the screen size has remained the same.

SilentNegotiator2693d ago

"You also have to remember that the ngp can only go up to 720p and those pictures are doctored to be 1920 x"


First of all, the NGP doesn't go up to 720p.
Second of all, the pictures are put together; they aren't "doctored to be 1920 x"....that's the resolution that they hit when stacked together. NGP has a resolution of 960x544

pain777pas2693d ago

544p? I don't know but on a 5 inch high contrast screen which makes brings out colour better than most LCD screens we are still in for a treat. The game looks close enough to the PS3 game. Again price is my ONLY concern with the device at the moment. Sony we are impressed as usual with the tech. LET US BUY THE DAMN THING THOUGH AT LAUNCH PLEASE!

WhiteLightning2693d ago

I'm actually excited for the NGP, I havent really been excited for a handheld system since the DS. I hope it lives up to NDs games, does this developer have a good track record for their games ?

VampiricDragon2693d ago

if the ngp and 3ds get support like the psp and ds respectively

things will be great

SoapShoes2693d ago

Sony Bend has a great track record. They created the Syphon Filter series and that was great on PS1. It wasn't too great on PS2(although I still liked it) and their PSP Syphon Filter's won many awards for PSP game of the year. They also made Resistance Retribution.

pedrami912693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

2001 Syphon Filter 3

2004 Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

2006 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

2007 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

2007 Syphon Filter: Combat Ops

2009 Resistance: Retribution

TBA Uncharted: Golden Abyss

matt_hooper2693d ago

NGP/Vita/PSP2 is a beast. Hope Gloden Abyss is on par with the other games in the series, in terms of story.

remanutd552693d ago

looking good !!! very good i must say !!!! anyways i cant wait to talk to my psn friends while im not at home or to take some of them at Wipeout while im on the go , hope to see more original games like Little Deviants , Broken , Smart As and Gravity Daze , lets see a good variety of launch games , i think sony will launch the system with a good named shooter ( to showcase the online functionalities of it )

pain777pas2693d ago

Reamnut55 they can't crowd the system with their IPs though. They are getting to the Nintendo point where Nathan, Kratos and LBP can sell a system. They have to spread the wealth. We will get some 3rd party games announce at E3 which is going to be awesome. I am hoping for SR3, B3, ME3, MK and a GTA game. Sports games will come to naturally. I hope I really hope that Namco releases a RIIIIIIDGE RACER guilty pleasure game for the system at launch. Cross PS3 NGP gameplay with RR7 aswell perhaps?

remanutd552693d ago

i know that i just want to see some good variety of launch titles so far i will get Uncharted Golden Abyss , Wipeout 2048 , Sound Shapes and Little Deviants at launch , i wanna see the whole launch line up to see how many more games i will have to buy

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