Ranking the Uncharted Games From Worst to Best

KeenGamer: "Which Uncharted game is the best? Uncharted is widely recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and consistently great franchises in gaming. For both long-time fans and newcomers to this action-adventure classic, here’s a ranking of the franchise’s four main games."

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Kyizen559d ago

UC 2, 4, 3 and 1. Great read and article

ABizzel1558d ago

No Golden Abyss -_-, otherwise I agree with the order.

UC2: Best overall
UC4: Best graphics, best gameplay, best locations, best environements
UC3: Best set pieces IMO (the boat and desert fights will always be amazing)
UC1: A rough Draft of what was to come
UCGA: Basically UC1 on Vita

Levii_92559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Great list and great article nicely writen and explained. Although for me personaly i would put Drakes Fortune above Drake’s Deception and Uncharted 4 is absolutely my favourite of the franchise and number 1 for me.

Inverno559d ago

U2 is the only game playable on crushing without causing a great amount of frustration. Not to mention just how much influence it had that they redid some of U2s set pieces like the caravan twice, and armored truck chase in U4.

DFresh559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

I'd rate it as the following.

1.) Uncharted 2
(Close to perfection of any game I've played in years. Single Player/Multiplayer/Co Op all amazing.)

2.) Uncharted 3
(On par with UC2 multiplayer/co op wise minus the kickbacks [aka killstreaks]. I really liked the Lawrence of Arabia story.)

3.) Uncharted 4
(Single player is amazing. Multiplayer was meh. Co Op had potential. Absolutely hated the health revive system it slowed down the game way too much. Always preferred the fast pace action of UC2/UC3. Made it way more fun that way. Recoil was too ridiculous that most people in lobbies would only do hip firing, using power weapons and using that OP grappling hook to melee people after dropping them. Nobody wanted to revive anyone.)

4.) Uncharted
(It's the first in the series so it's hard to judge. Though I loved the story.)

NecrumOddBoy558d ago

I agree here but it’s also a series you can play from front to back and truly enjoy. Story-wise, they are all great and flow so well. I wish they threw both Golden Abyss and Lost Legacy on this list. Lost Legacy is the best mechanically in my opinion. You can see it’s stepping stone framework for TLOUS2.

Michiel1989558d ago

uncharted 2 is one of the few games that actually surpassed its pre-release hype.

medman558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

I am a single player gamer...I barely ever touch a multiplayer component. The only exceptions over the years have been the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, TLOU factions, and the Uncharted 2 multiplayer. The Uncharted 2 multiplayer saw me spend more time playing it than all my other multiplayer experiences over the years combined. That game really was a masterpiece all around.

brando008558d ago

I agree completely, those are all stellar MP experiences, coming from another SP gamer who only occasionally gives MP some time.

Gardenia559d ago

Come to think of it, the step between Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 is huge. It goes from the weakest in the series to one of the best games ever made.
I think I'm going to play all of them again soon.

Ninver558d ago

Yeah all of a sudden I've got that Uncharted itch.

Michiel1989558d ago

is multiplayer still up for the remastered trilogy? or did it never have UC2 mp?

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