Frontlines: Fuel of War Designer Diary #1 - The Frontlines Mechanic

The Frontlines Mechanic
By Martin Raymond
Senior Game Designer, Kaos Studios

When we set out to design Frontlines, we knew we wanted to create a first-person shooter that could do it all, from close-quarters infantry combat to intense land and air vehicle battles. After merging our gameplay ideas together, we were left with the question: "How do you combine intense, fast-paced tactical action with large, open-ended gameplay and a huge arsenal of vehicles and weaponry?" Tanks versus helicopters is just one of the many things that can occur in Frontlines.

This was our big design challenge, and our ultimate answer is something we call the frontline game mechanic, which is the driving force behind Frontlines. We wanted to offer a wide selection of gameplay experiences, from tight urban infantry battles to massive, open-ended armored battles (let's not forget about the jets and choppers--however, that's probably for another post).

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Atomic Rage4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I think this game is going to be 10/10 in all forms,it just sounds like a kick-a** game. Can't wait to play It.

Hold that line men!!


with so many other FPS shooters trying to do so much, its going to be tuff. so many other devs have promised so much with it always falling just short...

we will see.

IHATEGOD4875d ago

It is developed by the guys behind the original Battlefield. I hope it aleast plays better on Live than Battlefield 2.