Kaos Studios Closing Down

THQ confirmed Kaos Studios, creators of Frontlines Fuel of War and Homefront will be closing down.


THQ Montreal will be taking over the development and the future of Homefront. More information available in the article.

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BigKev452774d ago

Surprise, surprise. Homefront sucked.

xPhearR3dx2774d ago

I didn't care to much for the single player, but I thought the multiplayer was a blast.

malamdra2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I thought they made the money back

Inside_out2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

So this is how it is now. You sell 2+ million games and it's not enough...o_O

I don't have any problems with the game and the multi-player is a lot of fun. I heard all these stories about how bad it looked and played but the game is solid and I think the multi-player is great fun. If you haven't given it a shot, by all means do so. I think it's selling for about $39.99 at the moment and well worth it.

captain-obvious2773d ago

last thing we need is a another studio that's trying to be the next IW and make the next COD (aka home front)

Wenis2773d ago

Frontlines and Homefront may have sucked, but their Desert Combat mod was awesome. I guess the team was just a one hit wonder though.

Knushwood Butt2773d ago

Didn't the publisher blow a load on advertising?

Not the devs' fault if so, but certainly doesn't help balance the books.

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JellyJelly2774d ago

The multiplayer was great. I hope this isn't true. Last I heard Homefront sold well enough to warrant a sequel.

Elven62774d ago

The multiplayer is awesome, I'm hooked on the demo alone. It has issues but it's far more tactical than most "modern war" shooters on the market. I was planning on purchasing it but the fact that the developer was closed (despite the game breaking sales targets for THQ) has me rethinking my decision.

THWIP712774d ago my post below, dude. This isn't even news, and has ZERO impact on Homefront...present or future. Just buy the game already.

xPhearR3dx2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Ummm yes it is news. Back in January THQ said Kaos Studios might be moved to Canada because of the high price of keeping the studio in NYC. This is the official confirmation. If Gearbox officially announces Borderlands 2 that doesn't make it not news because Randy spoke about it possibly being in development many months ago.

theonlylolking2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I couldnt stand the demo. When I got done playing the demo I understood why many people do not like homefront's multiplayer.

Not all bad studios need to be closed down. Bethesda sucks but at least they usually fix what they made a mistake the first time.

Elven62773d ago

THWIP71: This is news since they said Kaos would only be shut down if Homefront didn't sell well (which it did since it broke THQ's 2 million mark).

There have been a few examples in the past of a project being transfered to a different studio and zero support being offered after that.

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DasTier2773d ago

even more than fuel of war?

Tikicobra2773d ago

It's not about how good the game was, it's about how well it sold.

Strange that they'd be shutting down, seeing as Homefront sold like hotcakes.

turgore2773d ago

Frontlines Fuels of War sucked even more.

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Der_Kommandant2774d ago

That means no Homefront 2?


DrillaKid2774d ago

No. Homefront 2 will be developed by a different studio.

Hatiko2774d ago

Their main problem is that they marketed this game as having this big, deep story with great characters, while boasting about having the writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn. Then after getting everyone interested in the story it was 5 hours.

Ravenor2773d ago

5 hours, the action stank and the "gripping" moments were pretty lame.

Happythedog2774d ago

Oh noooooooooo not Finland.

Bzone242773d ago

Better tell Norway, they were pretty close.

gravemaker2774d ago

they bring'd it upon themselves, HF was mediocre at best
no one needs bad games, no one needs bad developers

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