The Demise of America in Video Games

The VideoGameWriters:
"We play games because we want to feel like rock stars, warriors and gods. We play to shape the world that has been given to us. The developers give use the space to move, and the rules to follow; the rest is up to us. We live in a world of 24-hour news cycles, war and wiki-leaks; isn’t it time that war game scenarios become a little more creative?"

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BShea3422d ago

Amazing article. The story has been restated over and over again, but game developers continue to tell it again.

VenomProject3421d ago

Well, Red Dawn WAS an awesome movie. :D

AAACE53421d ago

What is this guys problem?

War games are popular because with each release, everything gets more realistic! These games are for those who like war but cannot be a part of it due to things like family or simply not being able to get into the service. Not to mention that a lot of these games are being used as a tool to help boost recruiting, because the military works with these developers!

There are other games for people to play. These shooters just happen to be more popular because most of the other stuff we have seen before or just don't like!

I know I stepped off the subject a bit, but there is always an article that attacks the most popular games just because they are. Why don't they say something about the sh*tty games or the one's people might have missed!

CrAppleton3422d ago

Perhaps we just love playing the hero in a scenario we can relate to vs the mythical, fictional ones. Great piece though!

Darkfiber3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Interesting read, though lately I'm finding it more fun when games make you feel weak and afraid more than all powerful. Amnesia: Dark Descent is a perfect example. You need to stay in the light or you start to lose your mind and start seeing things and getting dizzy, eventually leading to dire consequences if you spend too much time in the dark, but there's someone coming down the hall, footsteps slowly getting closer. You need to douse your light or they will see it and you have no way to defend yourself. You put your lantern out, which is constantly running low on fuel as it is, and crawl into a dark corner and wait. The footsteps are now right beside you and all you can do is stand still and wait for them to leave, alone, as the darkness descends upon you, the fear literally driving you mad, praying that the footsteps will go away so you can scamper to the nearest light source before the darkness completely consumes you.

I honestly hope more games take this approach in the future. The feeling of being overwhelmed and in fear, not just in horror games, can grant you much more from the experience than playing faceless all powerful uber hero number #234123 saving the world for the billionth time.

SpLinT3421d ago

it sells. Devs dont give a crap if its a shitty story. If the dumb consumers buy it, theyll leave it as crappy as they can .

Godmars2903421d ago

That's Activision thinking right there.

Urmomlol3421d ago

Freedom Fighters had the commies invading us and winning. Clearly Eidos is un-American!