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Leaked Footage of The Beast in inFAMOUS 2

Dualshock Nexus: inFAMOUS 2 is set to release a week from now and I have stumbled across some remarkable gameplay with Cole fighting the dreaded Beast. Check out the gameplay and screenshot below. If you don't want anything spoiled I advise you not to watch.

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Community4747d ago
Nitrowolf24747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

i ended up watching this, didn't ruin much really. I think this is in the beginning of the game considering they are telling you how to aim and how to jump and if this was anywhere near the ending or even the middle of the game i would assume the Karma meter would be showing and the electric shot would be upgraded.

that graphics look insane though

Treezy5044747d ago

Yeah just some gameplay, but overall it looks sick. I can't wait to play this game.

MintBerryCrunch4747d ago

*****spoilers***************** **

this is the part where you get your ass kicked by the beast, and then end up getting ready for the next battle as you progress through the game...similar to GoW II, but i think you end up keeping your powers instead of losing them

Fylus4746d ago

Yeah didn't really ruin anything. But seriously, it's hard too imagine that in game, we'll actually become powerful enough to beat that thing! If anything, this leak has just made me even more excited for the game!

nix4747d ago

i still haven't finished inFamous part 1... that game really is huge. i did managed to finish Yakuza 3 somehow. Yakuza 4, i've just scratched the surface.

i will be getting this game though.

Neo Nugget4747d ago

Not gonna watch...not gonna watch...

The_Beast4746d ago

You have started a war you cannot possibly win.

Firstkn1ghT4747d ago

LOL! Just press R1 over and over and over??? I remember the days when games were actually challenging and not spoon fed.

Cyrax_874747d ago

Sorry guys, I'm not sure how Firstkn1ghT got out of his cave, I'll put him back in.

Mr Patriot4746d ago

hahaaha owned bubbles to the bros above lol

theunleashed644747d ago

what part of "it's a tutorial" didn't you get?.

blackburn104747d ago

Cmon on guys give him a break. His parents were killed by a speeding runaway PS3. You can understand why he hates them so much.

dinkeldinkse4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I haven't seen you post for a while.

Why o why4747d ago

you have to aim troll.. R1 to shoot. You can still aim for different parts of the beast. Nice to see exclusives bringing out the cave dwellers

Valvatorez4747d ago

Troll 1-U smell tat?
Troll 2-Ya? It smell like Exkusiv!!!
Trolls together-ATTACK!!!!

Enigma_20994746d ago

I just read this guy's comment history... not only is he an industrial sized troll... he eats Microsoft brand Troll mix! I mean my god, if it's not XBox 360 related, he just says something stupid, and adds LOL somewhere in the comment thinking it makes him look clever. Someone tell him it doesn't work like that.

I don't know his ethnicity, but I'm d*** sure his nose is DARK BROWN.

Fylus4746d ago

Is his cave under a bridge?

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