We Need More inFAMOUS

Jacob S. from Link-Cable writes: "as the studio looks to be wrapping up production on their latest entry with Ghost of Tsushima and with the PS5 releasing in the winter of this year, we hope that the company shifts its focus back to their trademark IP and brings back inFAMOUS for the start of next-gen.

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Lighter91348d ago

No doubt. I'd like to see a new inFamous as a PS5 launch title.

O-D-C1348d ago

That would be really cool actually.

darthv721348d ago

Prior to PS4 Spider-man... infamous was my go-to for that sort of game. Big exploratory environments and super human abilities and really fast paced gameplay. I loved infamous but I feel SM may have stolen some of that thunder (and lightning... get it?)

I'm not against a new chapter if they wish to make one. I welcome it wholeheartedly.

Abnor_Mal1348d ago

I get what you're saying, although I love the infamous series, I've never played them as much as I play Spider-Man.

Even back on the PS2 I had over eight hundred hours of playtime with Spider-Man2. I've played the story multiple times and did most if not all of the challenges. Max speed was 266 miles per hour.

I was just doing the hideouts of the DLC for Spider-Man PS4 last night. Ive played the story five times already and the DLC three times. Working on completing all of the benchmarks, and trying to 100% everything in the game trophy or no trophy, just for the sheer joy of it all.

Spidey has always been my game to play when I don't want to actually play anything, as I can just switch on auto pilot. I don't have to think about anything while playing as it's all instinctual. Playing on the highest difficulty and took the map off the screen, no suit mods except focus, only using web bombs, trip mines and impact webbing. No Stark gadgets.

Still with all that being said, I would greatly welcome another Infamous game to be released.

343_Guilty_Spark1348d ago

Second Son was a definitive next generation title doing things that would be impossible on PS3. It was clearly not held back!

Dragonborn123451348d ago

Haha, here have some attention i know you want it!

RazzerRedux1348d ago

Do you really need to bring your Microsoft defense posts into an article about Infamous? You just can't help yourself? Is that it?

ShadowWolf7121348d ago

When you attempt to troll but actually make a factual statement...

343_Guilty_Spark1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Infamous 2 2011 gameplay:


Infamous Second Son 2013 doing world bending things never seen during the Xbox 360 PS3 era:


RazzerRedux1347d ago

Are you really that blind? Or maybe you should watch the videos before you post them. There is a stark difference in the graphics, effects, animation, damn near everything between Infamous 2 and Second Son.

Whatever point you think you are making.....you are doing a shit job of it.

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Abnor_Mal1348d ago

Seems that the writer forgot about Infamous Festival of Blood for the PS3. The smoke effect in that same seemed, to me, to be a precursor to what we saw in Infamous Second Son.

They also forgot to mention Infamous: First Light which expanded the story of Second Son.

All the Infamous games were good to great, and would love a new story in the franchise. I'm not going to say what the devs should do, what story they should tell. I'm just going to put trust in then to deliver another exciting and fun game to play.

I would also like a remaster of the first two games along with Festival of Blood, similar to the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection.

UnSelf1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

We need a prototype 3

Even though 2 was horrific

1 was a masterpiece

Abnor_Mal1348d ago

I only played Prototype2, but watched my friend play the first.

My problem with that franchise was that there were a lot of useless move sets. The in game menu system was very cluttered, same could be said about the HUD.

Not the worst game by any measure, but I think that franchise is done for and we will never see another. There really wasn't that much of a difference in games and stories.

UnSelf1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

If 2 is the title that you’re drawing that conclusion from then you’re 100% on point. However, 1 was anything but cluttering. 1 gave you tons of ways to approach missions and almost limitless diversity. In addition to a weapon wheel of combat options, you also had default abilities that can be upgraded. It’s a sandbox gamers dream come true

Abnor_Mal1348d ago

When both games were being released around the same time, my friend opted for Prototype while I chose Infamous. For some strange reason he could never play the second game because when you had to pulse the city and the screen goes orange he would suddenly get sick saying his eyes and head (brain) would hurt.

He also thought the first game was great and hated Infamous since I told him it was the better game, so he never gave Infamous a chance. To me the first game was okay but I still feel there were too many combat moves and many were just left never to be used.

Profchaos1348d ago

Yeah I was a little surprised we never got that and the vita game they were rumoured to be making never came to life. Seems like infamous is a second tier game in Sony's stable when it could be a system seller. Announcing SS alongside the ps4 was a immediate selling point to me

mattkelly19911348d ago

They are working on Ghosts of Tsushima.

Inzo1348d ago

Yes we do and it needs to continue Cole's story.

TK-661348d ago

Do we though? I'd rather GoT from Sucker Punch than another infamous. Even if GoT flops I'd rather another new IP from them than another Infamous.

jznrpg1348d ago

It’s been an entire generation since Second Son . New IPs are always good but because they are releasing GoT this year I could see Infamous being next . I don’t know what would make GoT a flop as we don’t know the projections they have for it in the first place (Sales wise) . My guess would be if it flopped (sales) they would more likely make Infamous than not as they know what they have with the IP. Either way ,I believe a new Infamous is coming this generation

ilikestuff1348d ago

Game of thrones? If it’s open like skyrim but had some good combat I’d be down to clown with that game. The show ended real bad but I’d still give a proper game a chance

TK-661348d ago

Ghost of Tsushima....

ilikestuff1347d ago

Oh, well, I’d give them both a chance