BioWare on why you have to kill 300,000 Batarians before Mass Effect 3 starts

PCGAMER writes: Mass Effect 3 starts with Shepard returning to Earth to be put on trial for the killing of 300,000 Batarians. If you don’t remember doing that, you were either very drunk or you didn’t play The Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2. It’s one of a few moments in the series so far when you don’t have a choice about something important. I asked executive producer on Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson, about these moments: why they happen and whether they work.

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DaThreats2707d ago

Cause they are ugly motherfukers.

qface642707d ago

what if i DID NOT get the arrival and i do import my file?

Neckbear2707d ago

You still kill the batarians.

Default "choice", you can't even pick any other outcome in the DLC.

qface642707d ago

well that's really stupid that's like getting the default choice in ME2 even after you save the council

so much for controlling your own story right

Croash2707d ago

It's different here.

Arrival doesn't let you choose, unlike the moment when you had to decide whether the Council would live or not.
Either you kill the batarians, or you kill the batarians. So in ME3, no matter what you did during ME1 or 2, these batarians are dead.

Therefore not having played the DLC isn't that relevant.

evrfighter12707d ago

This kind of dlc is bad. You're basically paying to see the end of a game.

Thats it bioware we had some good times together but think it's for for the best if we go our separate ways. I'm afraid to see what their gonna do with the star wars mmo.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2707d ago

I decided to play my file without doing the DLC because I didnt want to kill 300,000 batarians to delay the reapers arrival by a few days.

I hope they dont include that in ME3 for sure, it was lame. My shepard isnt that afraid of reapers.

unknownhero11232707d ago

sorry but ME3 begins with a trial that revolves around shepard killing all of those batarians.

Megaton2707d ago

Meh, no one cares about the squints.

krazykombatant2707d ago

I fucking hate DLC.... nice to have it expand the game as side-quest and shit. But when critical shit is put in the DLC.... such as the happening in "arrival" and "lair of the shadow broker" that pisses me the fuck off...

Redgehammer2707d ago

Do you not have the option or desire to purchase the DLC? In the case of the arrival, I like it that it set of ME3 with such a harsh, yet required decision.

krazykombatant2707d ago

Yes I do have a choice, but then again I also bought the sequel of ME1 to not be kept out of the loop when vital information is being put out through DLC. It's kinda awful.. It's just like the fact that PS3 players got all of the DLC for free while the loyal fanbase of the 360 had to pay for everything...

And don't give me that excuse ohhhh you had the game for longer. I'm sorry but that's not the way to pay loyalty.

Redgehammer2707d ago

I agree with you completely that 360 ME1 purchasers got the shaft from EA and Bioware. I love the universe bioware created, and will support it to the end, but we did get shortend of the stick. Not even an avatar item saying thanks for your early support. That's the way it is these days, which is sad.

Brixxer6002707d ago

All Batarians must die , Shepard done them a favour.

LightofDarkness2707d ago

I've yet to meet one I like. I say LET 'EM FRY >:)

RankFTW2707d ago

Ah well looks like I'm going to have to rent ME2 and play this DLC, sold my copy after I got Plat.

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