Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1-5 Comparison

GT: Originally an ice level, World 1-5 has become a grass level. What prompted the change? See for yourself.

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limewax3020d ago

I still don't see what prompted the change?

PirateThom3020d ago

The fact world 1 is a grass world?

limewax3020d ago

Ah right, sorry its just been so long since I played them, I actually remember the levels pretty thoroughly oddly enough, its been a LOT of years since I played them though.

The change makes a lot more sense now though lol

xstation793020d ago

Super mario bros. 3. I can't believe how much I still enjoy playing this game on my wii

Neko_Mega3020d ago

Well lucky for me I got this on my NES, so they can change whatever they want.

DarkBlood3020d ago

is this a comparison with the supermario all stars version(disc copy) to the nes version (vc copy)? now im curious i might check it out as i got both

MonopolyRSV3020d ago

Just cause its white/blue doesnt mean it's ice. You can't slide on it so it must not be ice.

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