Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online update out now (version 5.4.0)

As part of the new Nintendo Switch Online update, no new NES games were added. However, Nintendo did update the app with a new SP version.

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Metabeard55d ago

Nintendo does not get it. If I wanted a special version of this game that is basically just cheating I would still want to start at the first world. I would want a bunch of lives and powers ups but I would also want to be able to summon a star once a level or perform a double jump. Something that gives you an edge as you play through the worlds. World 8 is pretty much the worst and leave fun world in M3. The Journey is the fun not the end.

jerethdagryphon55d ago

I feel they ran out of ideas on dark world

CrimsonWing6955d ago

Um, maybe I'm reading this wrong but all they did was make it to where you start in World 8 with 1 of each power up item? Like. how is this some mind-blowing thing? If I play the game normal I'll have triple these items and other various items by the time I get here, like an infinite P-Wing.

What the hell is this? Ranting aside, this is the best Mario game, hands-down and I'll take the Pepsi challenge on that one.

Snookies1255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I still think World is the best Mario game, but SMB3 comes extremely close. SMB3 is an amazing game, especially when you consider it was running on the NES.

The new mode is really dumb though. Why even play the game if they're just going to give you a free pass to the end...

fitofficial55d ago

Oh look, another joke of an update. Nintendo really shat the bed with S/NES online. It's almost comical how weak the offering is.