New Super Mario Bros 3 For Nintendo Switch Listed on Nintendo Site

It seems that Nintendo could be working on a new project called New Super Mario Bros 3 For the Nintendo Switch, but does it exist?

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Zhipp315d ago

If it is real I hope they mix things up this time. They do a great job keeping the 3D Marios feeling distinct, but the 2D ones tend to be a little lacking in creativity imo.

Vegamyster315d ago

I dunno what Retro Studio's was doing before being given back Metroid if anything but i wish they were allowed to make a 2D Mario game, they did an amazing job with the two Donkey Kong Country games.

Lighter9315d ago

Good reply.

I agree 100%.

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bouzebbal315d ago

Yet another remake and port?? Are they running out of ideas?
I love this episode but something new for once would be more than appreciated

Neonridr315d ago

I enjoy the 2D ones for couch co-op, but they aren't as engaging as the true 3D ones for sure.

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nachokingp315d ago

I'm not sure why everyone is being so dense about this. It's not a remake of Super Mario Bros 3, it's the third game in the "New Super Mario Bros." series. Do you not remember this game?

deafdani315d ago

New Super Mario Bros - DS
New Super Mario Bros 2 - 3DS
New Super Mario Bros U / New Super Luigi U - Wii U

So, nope.

nachokingp311d ago

There is no "New Super Mario Bros 3", so "yup"

Sgt_Slaughter315d ago

The handheld and console New SMB games are separate.

If they were combined, why would there be a game called NSMB2 if there were two before hand?

nachokingp311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Is Switch not both a handheld and console? Or did you miss that? Also, NSMBU came after 2, so there were not 2 before.

deafdani309d ago

New Super Mario Bros U is the third entry in that series.... doesn't matter it isn't called NSMB3.

Vits315d ago

Hard to be excited by a new "New Super Mario Bros". After the first game and maybe the Wii title. This series got really stale.

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