BioWare's Dr. Greg Zeschuk Interview on Mass Effect

Shortly before last week's news of BioWare being acquired by Electronic Arts, TeamXbox visited BioWare to spend some hands-on time with Mass Effect and interviewed several key members behind the project. In the first part of these interviews, TeamXbox talked to Dr. Greg Zeschuk -- a co-founder of BioWare -- as he looked back on the key aspects of the game's development and discussed his own hands-on time with the title.

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Almighty4073d ago

Thanks God no Mass Effect for PS3.

power0919994073d ago

..but why thank god to no Mass Effect on PS3?

What would be so bad about that? I mean I am very excited about Mass Effect, and will pick it up day one, but why would it be a bad thing to have it on PS3 as well?

Maybe I just don't look at games the same as most of you. I could care less what system has what game, just as long as it's a good game.

Meh... I don't know.

InMyOpinion4073d ago

Mass Effect is published by Microsoft. So it's them you should thank, not God.


@ Almighty:
"Thanks God no Mass Effect for PS3. "

I agree. No doubt. This a AAA game suited for a GAMING console. Man, what a *complete* loser, LOL, do you even play games or know who the F#$K Bioware is ? Pfffft, They've won more GOTY awards than the pS3 has in AAA titles. (Yawn) get a life TROLL - go enjoy your 400,000th lap on Motorstorm....

Azures4073d ago

All Bioware games are meaningless compared to a possible Star Wars mmo by them.


Great read - good stuff. Greg Zeschuk is a class act, Bioware absolutely rules. Cannot wait to get my paws on MASS EFFECT !!!

Neoninja4073d ago

Can't wait for this game. Made by bioware, crazy good graphics, good action, and what seems to be a real epic story. The only problem I have with it right now is that it comes out next month. But when it does come out you can bet that this is a day one purchase.

wil4hire4073d ago

What is the story of Mass Effect?

What do you define as epic? Lord Of The Rings? Resident Evil? Final Fantasy?

Kuest4073d ago

than a month. Hang in there!

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