Game Informer Review: Mass Effect

From Game Informer Review "Mass Effect is one of videogames greatest treasures. It's an adventure that is so captivating that you'll be counting the days for the sequel. It takes interactive storytelling to new heights, and brings the player closer to content than ever before. It's easily one of the year's best titles, and one of the most impressive games to date."

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PS360PCROCKS5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

HELL yeah!! Great review and I guess the little bit about the combat is kind of a bummer that it seems to be easy than super hard, but eh oh well they say it's fun which is what matters. What an amazing few months though from Bioshock, Halo 3 and now Mass Effect, plus PGR4 is scoring well, COD4 is going to be unbelievable, Rock band, GH3, AC...this christmas for the 360 is going to be an insane one. Oh yeah lemme know if you guys want any other reviews scanned from Game informer from this month for any system... \

edit:: who the HELL keeps disagreeing with me!? What in gods name in my comment has anything you could possibly disagree with!?

edit edit:: I posted a story with all of the previews and Reviews and it was approved and than failed, maybe it's against rules or illegal? lol I dunna...anyways anyone looking for the reviews or previews that I posted below, here is the link to my story, it might not be posted but it sure as hell isn't deleted.

nirwanda5340d ago

thanks for the mass effect scan what other reviews are in the issue

PS360PCROCKS5340d ago

ace combat 6
halo 3
Blazing Angels 2
company of heroes
dirt ps3
nba 08
nba 2k8
nba live 08
orange box
two worlds

condemned 2
god of war chains of olympus (psp)
battlefield: bad company
rock band
uncharted: drakes fortune
kane and lynch
resident evil : umbrella chronicles (wii)
alone in the dark
lost odyssey

and than their is a 3-4 page article on Assassin's Creed as well...

xplosneer5340d ago

Blazing angels 2 and Ace Combat 6 please :)

Evil0Angel5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )


i will be very very poor

techie5340d ago

PS360ROCKS you're such an xbot! lol

PS360PCROCKS5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Thanks Deep you pos3 fanbot! lol I added you by the way to PSN

edit: yeah that makes sense playstation. thanks, it's ridiculous to be honest.

edit:: lmao Deep you got 8 disagrees on our inside joke, lol now that's funny, they all love me :P

PlayStation3605340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

"who the HELL keeps disagreeing with me!? What in gods name in my comment has anything you could possibly disagree with!?"
I believe it's because you said... "this christmas FOR THE 360 is going to be an insane one.". Sony Boys didn't like that. I found out first hand, if you show ANY favor to one system, even if you love both systems, you get a disagree. :P Btw: I'm not one of the dudes who disagreed with you.

"this is my holiday line up... i will be very very poor"
Amen to that bro. Many benefits to owning both systems, but one major flaw, it can empty your wallet fast.

@sak500 1.8: now be fair bro. Boxers do the same thing. However, I'm not positive, but I believe this site has more PS fans than 360 fans. So Boxers tend to get more disagrees than Players. But both of my bros from the 360 and PS3 camps do the exact same things to each other. BTW, I'm not into the whole name calling terms ya'll call each other. But I thought Boxers were lemmings and Players were Droids. Ah well, I don't wanna get in the middle of that. :P

P.S. Your avatar sak500... FRIGGIN' HOTTIE!

sak5005340d ago

disagrees are by sonyturds who are once again jealous of another steller release on 360. While they wait and get late coming into the next gen gaming. Poor lemmings believe the hype.

MK_Red5340d ago

Thanks PS360ROCKS. Awesome post.
"An expansive quest that toys with your emotions" Can't wait.

BTW, could you please post the Ace Combat 6 review. Thanks.

Gamespot-equals-EGM5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

I'm sorry but this review sounds like hype to the extreme. Who the hell wants to play a damn geek soap opera set in space anyways? And I heard in this game you fall in love with another guy...give me a f-ing break.

The only people who are going to buy this are uber-Xbox 360 geeks (the ones who get hard-ons just thinking about achievements). The Xbox 360 doing its thing, only catering to hardcore gamers. When will MS get a clue? You can't expand your userbase that way.

Bioshock and Mass Effect....who outside of the Xbox 360 geek (and occasional PC geek) cares about these games? I doubt the mass market does. And if Halo 3 didn't have such a big marketing push, it would fall in the same category.

secret5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Would you expect Petunia and Vernon Dursley to proclaim that their son Dudley is great, or do you think that they would proclaim that the outsider Harry Potter is better? You'd normally expect some bias from the Dursleys towards their son.

============================= ============================== = IGN, EGM, GAMESPOT, GAMEPRO are all american magazines, and it's quiet possible that they'd have a bias in their opinions towards an "american" console.

That is the reason you don't see the judge panel in the Olympics comprising of all americans judges. That is why the jury for a African American Male on trial must not all be black people. That's a safeguard against bias.
============================= ============================== = ===========
A clue would be the timing of these great reviews inflating game scores on the xbox360. It all began when the PS3 came to throw down the gauntlet. If there were confidence that the xbox360 could win on merit, there wouldn't be a need for this much favorism to keep it alive. They're trying to protect the xbox360 because they know it can't win by itself.

These are artificial life support systems for an ill console. They are designed to try to save its life. Nothing more.

Gamepro giving the Wii a better score on the game department compared to the PS3? Gamepro giving Resistance Fall of Man a lower graphics score than Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the xbox360? Gamespot rigging screen comparison tests showing the PS3 version by handicapping it at component output only?

If this continues, some people might have to start viewing this as game score inflation on the xbox360 in the same way we view inflation in currency. Please read below the dotted line.

----------------------------- --------
But then it might as well lead to game score inflation in xbox360 country. Like monetary inflation where one US dollar can buy perhaps 1000 mexican pesos, we have xbox360 game score inflation where a game rating of 5 on the PS3 would mean a 10 on the xbox360. A rating of 1 on the PS3 can buy up to 1000 xbox360 pesos game scores.
----------------------------- --------
Turn a blind eye to everything bad. Shine a spotlight on anything good. A building may be all blown to bits, but the door nob still looks shiny. We'll take photographs of the door nob and take pics of the building later.

Anyone who buys an xbox360 is either patriotic or unintelligent. If you didn't buy it because you want to make your country look good, then you must not have a 4.0 grade point average and cannot explain why 2x4 and 4x2 are the same.

I own shares of stock in Microsoft, so I don't mind if you love your console.

I do mind the fact that becuase of you and your HD-DVD stubborness, every movie goer has to sit by the fence until the format war ends, buy both a bluray and hd-dvd player, or be forced to miss out on at least one movie or another. I also don't like the fact that because developers are focusing on the xbox360's limitations and then force feeding whatever's left to the PS3 owners, we'd have to play games without the graphical prowess of say Motorstorm or Ratchet & Clank or Grand Turismo5.

You'd be upset if Microsoft released and HD-DVD xbox360 game console, but then because developers know that more DVD xbox360 owners are out there, they'd develop MASS EFFECT to the DVD potential and then force the HD-DVD version to be identical.

And that's one of the main reasons why Microsoft won't allow the HD-DVD drive to play video games. It would lead to that result.

techie5339d ago

Haha 14 disagrees! You should really change your name to Xbox360rocks, but you're the biggest xbot of them all! hehe

sak5005339d ago

@playstation360: Thnx. Nice sensible comment +bubbs. I believe sony fanbois are called lemmings cuz they blindly follow what their masters tell them to do. I dunno, picked it up from someone using it on n4g. boxers are called xbots.

poopface15339d ago

I cant speak about this game as Its not out yet but bioshokk is an awsome game and easily one of the best single player FPS ever in my opinion. Im glad that microsoft is big on "hardcore" games like this. Ir rather play bioshok then carnival games or ping pong or some weak minigames. It is pretty obvious that microsoft has a pretty good strategy as 360 software sells the most by far.

DG5337d ago

Thanks for the post. Ignore the xbots and sonybots alike. Keep doing your thing bubbles for you friend.

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TheExecutive5340d ago

Impressive review, this game is a must have for all 360 owners. Of course we already knew that now didnt we :)

snoop_dizzle5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

is that not including the side quests? Oh well it sounds like there will be alot of replayability anyways so around 50 hours probably. Anyways i really am excited for this game.

This is the game this year that was 1 on my list.

xplosneer5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Microsoft:hurry up with that 65NM graphics chip and I'm sold! Gosh too many good games coming out this Holiday, I'm broke.

:( Man my computer isn't fast enough to run the COD4 Demo :(

TheXgamerLive5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

It has the chip and runs super cool, only slightly warm after 6 hrs. of game play yesterday, also it's has the newer HD drive and is super quiet, best I've heard yet in any console or computer.

I was very impressed.

EDIT: Crimson Wolf, Sorry your wrong, your hearing how ps3 version looked better 3 months ago as that version was 3 weeks ahead in design of the Xbox 360 version. Nope, the ps3 version wont look as good when release comes. Go with the Xbox 360 version as textures and lighting and obviously online game play will rule all.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

If you want COD4 I suggest picking PC or PS3 one.

Why? Free online and better texturing and lighting.

Edit: Oh disagrees. Browse this site and you will see what I am talking about.

Retarded fanboys from both sides are annoying.

xplosneer5340d ago

Yeah Pretty sure that was an upgrade to the CPU chip only, not the GPU. And also they are not all in the premiums yet. So I'll give it a month.

wageslave5340d ago

You dont have to wait for a die-size change. The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."


Microsoft later said at the Tokyo Game Show 07:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.

Go buy one today without worry -- you'll never regret it.

green_ghost55339d ago

@ crimson wolf

Your an idiot, the devs have already said, oh I don't know how may times , that the 360 and the PS3 will look IDENTICAL.....Do you know what that means?

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Silver3605340d ago

Glad to see that Bioware is living up to the high expectations that this game has