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Wii 2 is 'Project Café', says report - tech specs, controller details claimed

CVG - As if you haven't had enough today, the latest Wii 2 rumour report has emerged - and it's a big one, claiming tech specs and controller details for the not-so-secret-anymore Nintendo console.

French site 01net, which previously released the NGP specs long before any official announcement, has backed up widespread claims that Nintendo will reveal its next console at E3 this year.

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Community2834d ago
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leapfrogger2834d ago

Something tells me that "as strong as the Xbox 360, but a bit more powerful" isn't going to be enough for most gamers in a few years.

gaffyh2834d ago

The controller sounds incredibly weird. It looks like they are going to basically make a HD DS, with the controller being the touch screen, and that translating to the stuff on the TV.

AAACE52834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I should go to McDonald's and order a Nin' Cafe Mocha... and see how they react!

On topic: This part just stuck out to me...

"'Project Café', and sports architecture similar to that of the Xbox 360, "but a bit more powerful".

It says the console will include a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM."

I was just thinking, this is very similar to the 360 and MS just announced a new disc format...

Call it wishful thinking, but could my dream of MS and Nintendo making a console together finally be here?

Doubtful, but I can dream... Kinect and the Wiimote would be kinda interesting!

EDIT: Forgot this part... It says...

"Late 2012 is the release date, and another "big surprise" about the console is set to be revealed at E3, the report concludes."

Anything's possible at this point!

TreMillz2834d ago

the HD controllers was rumored since the early wii days. Sites claimed you would be able to switch the buttons around the screen and what not. Maybe Nintendo is actually going to go through with it this time.

Baccra2834d ago

The Dreamcast/smartphone knock-off controller sounds like it'll cost more than the DS itself.

darthv722834d ago

just from reading this I can picture a nintendo branded 360 type of system with an ngp type of controller.

Are we so sure this isnt just an extended april fools joke?

If it were real then by 2012 it should have a minimum of 1gb of ram and a quad core power pc chip instead of a tri-core one.

thats_just_prime2834d ago

it will stil be like a gen behind MS and $onys next gen systems. It also sound like they are targeting non gamers again.

I'm bet the next xbox runs off something like an i9 core and probably at least 2gigs of ram.

2834d ago
ABizzel12834d ago


That's what I was thinking. It sounds like a DS which is now $99, so it may very well be DS minus a ton of other stuff the put in it.

Weird, but it should be able to work.

inveni02834d ago

"A bit more powerful than the 360" is the PS3, and if ANYONE tried to release the PS3 as a "new" console, people would be ticked... Scratch that...hardcore gamers would be ticked. The casual crowd will probably eat it up.

HolyOrangeCows2834d ago

"Something tells me that "as strong as the Xbox 360, but a bit more powerful" isn't going to be enough for most gamers in a few years"

Just like Wii isn't "enough" today? I mean, it sucks that they went with so little power, but the industry is going to continue becoming more casual. Slightly more powerful than the 360 would probably work out great for Nintendo next gen.

I doubt Nintendo will deliver for my tastes, as they haven't for two generations, but a touchscreen console controller could be interesting. Then again, we've seen the controller screen gimmick wasn't touchscreen but it was a screen none the less. Why would you want to look from the TV to the screen and back?

MaxXAttaxX2834d ago

So... basically like a PS3?

palaeomerus2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

" "A bit more powerful than the 360" is the PS3, and if ANYONE tried to release the PS3 as a "new" console, people would be ticked... Scratch that...hardcore gamers would be ticked. The casual crowd will probably eat it up."

Nope. The PS3 is only slightly more powerful than the 360.

R700 family is a good bit more powerful than PS3 too.

While unusual, the PS3 wasn't anything special in 2006 when it launched despite all the marketeting to the contrary. Well, it was a blu-ray player too but that's about it. PS3 and 360 are both 2005-eque technology.

R700 was the fastest Card ATI had back in 2008 I think. So this will probably be able to handle games similar to current console games at 1080P at 30 FPS and some AA.

This description, if true, is of a console based on the graphics technology of a 2008/2009 gaming PC. I really think it should have more than 512 MB of memory though.

AAACE52834d ago

Power isn't everything!

Ps 1 and 2 were the weakest consoles in past gens, yet they were the best and sold the most!

Wii is holding the top spot right now, even though MS and Sony severely out power it, they are still fighting over 2nd and 3rd place!

Price also plays into it a lot as well.

evrfighter2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Wow would it kill them to throw in at least 2gb of ram? So they lose a few dimes. Cheap bastards

MaxXAttaxX2834d ago

There's a huge difference.

PS1 and PS2 may have been the weaker systems of their time, BUT they were WITHIN that gen's standards.
Wii is an entire gen behind when it comes to power.

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fr0sty2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I was initially excited for this console, but if those specs are true, count me out. Other than the GPU, it's weaker than the competition that has been on the market for 5 years now. That's no way to compete.

Anon19742834d ago

I don't understand why anyone is surprised by this. When the Wii released it was referred to in the hardware department as "Two GameCube's duct tapped together." It was by far the most underpowered of the consoles released and it sold like hotcakes.

Nintendo obviously wants to keep the price down again. Having a console slightly more powerful than a 360 makes sense to me. I mean, how many developers actually push the 360 to it's limits? Sure you could put out a kickass, hardware beast but if it bankrupts developers trying to use all those resources and it's priced out of the average Wii owners reach - what's the point?

MaxXAttaxX2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

The Wii is not in the same level, so it can't compete.
I have a Wii and it's just... different. A beast of its own.
If you say it's just a GameCube with motion controls and a cool interface, then you wouldn't be too far from the truth.

Don't get me wrong, I really like it. But there are only 2 real next-gen consoles.

smoothdude2834d ago

Yeah, I mean if Sony and Microsoft don't intend to release a new system till 2014-15, then Nintendo will be able to compete. Maybe it is a test to see who they do against Sony and Microsoft.

HardCover2834d ago

At first I thought to myself "Hm, that PC I bought months ago is much better than that...."

Then I remembered this is Nintendo and these people started as a toy company. They're making something fun for everyone, not just fun for the enthusiast.

I'm OK with this.

moparful992834d ago

Looks like I'm not buying yet another nintendo console.. They just keep dissapointing me... 512 mb of ram in 2012? Get with it nintendo!

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KotC2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Does Nintendo realy need anything other than a bit more powerfull 360. I mean look at the Wii in SD and we all still play it ugly graphics and all. IMO a Wii HD thats just as powerfull as todays HD consoles could serve Nintendo for a long time. Nintendo has never been known for pushing graphics. So IMO this is realy all Nintendo needs and the hardware would be cost effective. Nintendo isn't as rich as Sony or MS so they can't sink billions in the latest tech.

DrVosknocker2834d ago

Where to start on this...oh well.

Venox20082834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

yeah, riiiiiiiiiight :) (about not being rich) ..

SuperLupe2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I actually think this gen they made more money than MS and Sony together X 2..

edit: and dont forget, they've been making major money with their handhelds for decades now.

KotC2834d ago

So you guys wouldn't buy a Wii HD that's just as powerfull as a 360 or PS3? Even if it was priced at say $350? I thought you guys were gamers.

TheMysterion2834d ago

I think kotc means it's not a huge company like sony or microsoft. All nintendo makes is videogames. The other two are large corporations. And to every skeptic out there remember that you haven't heard the kiler feature yet.

It seems like the new system won't support motion gaming. This disappoints me.

MostJadedGamer2834d ago

The thing is power is a lot more then graphics. Its physics, AI, the amount of stuff on screen, and too many other things to name.

That is why 3rd parties just put most of their games on the PS3, and 360, and not the Wii. The power difference was so great that it was either not possible to put those games on the Wii or it wasnt worth the trouble of trying.

So once again Nintendo will not only have a Last Gen console, but will also have almost no 3rd party support.

NLGSean2834d ago

@ TheMysterion

It HAS to support motion gaming if it will be backwards compatible with the Wii... The system could have full Wii-mote support...

Fat Onion2834d ago

maybe nintendo will come out with another system 2 years after PS4 that will blow away everything graphically....thats perhaps their game plan. I really dont care cause thats a long time from now. o well.

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 2834d ago
A7XEric2834d ago

Definitely agreed. Nintendo is fucking retarded if they think they can release a system that is only marginally better looking (if at all) better looking than what is out right now.

I'd have no problem with the system being slightly underpowered in comparison to PS4/Xbox 720, but Nintendo can't keep putting last gen visuals on a next gen system.

DrVosknocker2834d ago

Agreed, The CPU sounds fine, but it needs at least 2GB system ram (preferably 4GB, which is still cheap) and since they're sticking with ATi. At least a 6870 with 2GB ram, by the time it launches that will be cheap for an OEM also.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

"e, but it needs at least 2GB system ram (preferably 4GB"


Are you a developer?
PS3/360 games run on 512mb (or less).

I know 4gb is a good thing, but they will just abuse it and rank up the price.

turnerdc2834d ago

Yeah, they sure are retarded! I mean look what happened with them this gen! They're Wii was a complete failure, it didn't sell at all! Oh wait...yes it did.

SephireX2834d ago

This is ridiculous if true. A console releasing in late 2012 only barely more powerful than a console that released seven years before it? I hope this is a joke or I no longer respect Nintendo.

Trroy2834d ago

People said the same thing when the Wii was about to come out...

turnerdc2834d ago

You're a little late with that argument. Started about 4 years ago. That's OK though, the hate train can always fit more people.

krazykombatant2833d ago

LOL hate all you want, you certainly won't be missed. If the next ninty console is a bit more powerful than the 360 (which is essentially a ps3). I think that pretty damn good considering the graphics on a ps3. Remember these are just rumors. You need to consider the fact that nintendo IS NOT a high graphics game, and it's never been about 3rd party devs. Their first party characters carry their consoles. Don't like nintendo fine go and join the line of "hardcore gamers" which of late only seems to involve people that play shooters and hack 'n slash games.

ProjectVulcan2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

R700 could mean anything up to a Radeon 4890, or 800 shaders. 512mb RAM could also easily refer to just video RAM for example, so the machine could have 512 video and 512 system for a total of 1GB. A Radeon 4890 is no slouch even today, and is plenty faster than anything PS3 or 360 could do.

Even if the GPU is 'only' a 4770 class part, it would still be at least twice as powerful as 360 or PS3. Of course this means it will likely be vastly outpowered by any new sony or microsoft machine. It would mean however it would have the best console multi platform versions by a long way until the HD successors appear.

Something like a 4770 level performance would be capable of 1080p games, although the target resolution would suggest they would still be aiming for 720p.

palaeomerus2834d ago

It would mean 1080P games at > 30 fr/s or possibly 60 FPS at 720P with lots of AA. It ought to look pretty nice.

TheTwelve2834d ago

I said the DS would fail but the touch-screen helped to prove me completely wrong.

I said the Wii would flop but the motion controls helped to prove me completely wrong.

I keep thinking Nintendo doesn't have the money to hang with Sony and Microsoft but somehow they always do. Maybe they just get lucky. Maybe they know something nobody else does.

I would say that they have a fanbase that will buy anything but Nintendo products HAVE flopped in the past.

So who knows what will happen...I'm done guessing about Nintendo.


fatstarr2834d ago

the Nintendo fan base is pretty die hard.
:D im glad im apart of it.

and im glad they are taking initiative to move to the next cycle.

jjank112834d ago

Its quite simple to explain. You sell something to the casual masses, that a hardcore gamer recognizes as a gimmick or as something not that viable for a hardcore gamer, and it sells well because it captures the casual sheeple.

I've enjoyed Nintendo products but the DS and Wii, for me at least, are horrible. The whole touch and motion things are gimmicks that are really only good for certain types of games, and very few at that. I remember playing Metroid 3 and how good the motion control was done, but even while I was playing, I kept saying to myself...I just want to use a damn regular controller already(i.e. xbox or ps3 controllers). Motion controls are not conducive for long episodes of gaming.

Nintendo has plenty of money to hang around. They need to put that to good use if they want to compete in the future. A slight upgrade over xbox or ps3 won't cut the mustard.

fatstarr2834d ago

4700 gpu is way too weak -_-
its good to compete with the ps3 today
but the ps4 is gonna be epic.

Nintendo needs dual gtx 550s Minimum. and that card isnt that much to write home about.

they should take a page from sony and at least go future proof. but if this is the fabled system with the upgrade ability i might take back my comment.

Arnon2834d ago

Sony's "future proof" plan cost them around $4-$5 billion and they lost more than they gained from the first 5 years of the PS2's life.

Nintendo has done nothing but be a success. Their products fly off the shelves and their games are some of the highest scoring titles of all time. Would it be cool if the next Nintendo console was future proof? Yeah, but I think Nintendo will do just fine.

tmoss7262834d ago

Dual GTX 550s cost $300.....

Trevonn2834d ago

@arnon during ps1 and 2 era nintendo were almost pushed out of console gaming

RevXM2833d ago


Wasnt a BD player 1200 bucks when the ps3 realeased and were like... 600?

They can make a console with very high end like stuff, because they can make money on it over time.

I can totally see Ps4 (If released 2012) with AMD 7000 series GPU or similar (about a year old card when the system launches) and a total of 8+ GB ram isnt unrealistic at all seing that even some GPUs have 3-4 GB RAM. For you who wonder what RAM can be used for, go play crysis (Hint destructable environments, open world, more stuff in it etc...)

This time I am sure Sony wont have brand new inhouse or partially inhouse developed tech like CELL and Blu-ray was. They might use both CELL and Bluray in their next system though but with much greater performance. Much upgraded versions of that hardware present in ps3.
Cell might just be there as a extra cpu even for the sake of B/C atleast, I hope.

IT wont be too expensive and they can hopefully afford a really fast SSD.
A mid range replaceable PCI SSD (740 MB/s read write? wich is mid range now in that cetgory) with some sort of TRIM function.

Well enough about Sony this is a Nintendo rumor article.

Im not impressed much by the hardware mentioned in the article. Yes it would beat the crap out of PS3 and 360, but it would be a 7.5 gen system really.

And a tri core CPU? Really XBOX 360 is the only system I know wich uses a tri core cpu.
I dont see why they would want a custom 3 core when they prolly get a slightly more powerful quad for the same price.

And the controller sounds weird.
Display? really?
I could see nintendo do it, but a large HD display on the controller?... what for?
It will be the most expensive controller in the history. Isnt it more likely to be a touch panel like the backside of the NGP rather than a HD display in that size?

And WII mote sensor on the Controller as well?
Sounds crazy to me.

Well thats my thoughts atleast.

extermin8or2832d ago

@Arnon yh unfortunately their games do get high ratings despite the fact that most of the are the same games remade over and over and over for like the last 20 years -_-

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DOMination2834d ago

Might not be that more powerful than 360 but at least it'll get all the awesome multiplats that currently bypass the wii and make it a weaker proposition.

xCaptainAmazing2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Seriously, go with Intel or AMD even. IBM's a reputable company for sure, but why wouldn't you go with where PCs/Macs are going right now? Developing games for the same architecture across the board is complete win, and I suspect the new offerings from Sony and Microsoft are less likely to use PowerPC.

Edit: Apparently they've been going with PowerPC so far because it is a RISC architecture which makes a bit more sense for a gaming machine than CISC. Then again, I would probably just go with a beefed up ARM processor like you see in mobile devices if the technology allowed it. Would make porting a dream probably, as it is also RISC based.

As a matter of fact, I'm putting my chips down right now. The next Xbox and PlayStation will use ARM CPUs.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

They bought some rights to the PowerPC architecture.( if im not mistaken)
PowerPC isn't bad, it actually has great performance. Unlike PC's, game consoles are dedicated to games.

Whether you use PowerPC/Intel or whatever, compiling code usually depends on the compiler itself.

Im not sure if each SDK comes with their own compiler, but I do know that most code is written in C/C++ ( or wrapped).

xCaptainAmazing2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

That would make sense I guess if they bought some rights to it. It certainly isn't a bad choice, I just feel that the others might try something new.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure everything is written in C/C++ with occasional Python and other scripting languages for certain small areas. I actually wonder if it comes with its own compiler, that would be interesting to find out.

I remember hearing rumours that some of them might have been eyeing Intel's Larrabee chip because it was a unified CPU/GPU? I think it turned out that the performance of these chips was kind of lacking, but the idea of a unified chip could also still be on the table.

It's interesting to think of what they'll end up using. With technology going so fast, and dedicated GPUs up into the 1GB of VRAM area already, will we see a console sporting anywhere up to 2GB? With equal or greater general purpose RAM? These devices are becoming far more multipurpose than they were in the past, so it could be necessary.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

I just hope it doesn't get way to much of a dumbed down computer ( concerning all new consoles in the future).

I mean its great they have all these wannabe pc features, but i hope they don't lose focus on what made these things great: GAMES.

I mean you can easily buy a mini-pc ( or whatever its called) for around 100~200 euro, hook it up to your tv and do all basics stuff with it.

ReBurn2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

PowerPC is a good call for a device like this. RISC architecture in a specialized device makes more sense than using a general purpose architecture like AMD / Intel.

I don't expect that you're going to see much scripting language use, though. Maybe, but what kind of applications would be suited for Python would there be?

xCaptainAmazing2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

That's what I thought, right. I see job postings all the time for game devs at my university, and for game engine positions there is always a primary requirement of C/C++, and sometimes a Python or other scripting language requirement as well. Not sure what it's used for (not everyone uses it obviously), but it seems to be effective in at least one area. I can't confirm what it's used for at all, maybe a small part of a database component for games that use it. Who knows. They're damn sure not writing large portions of there engine in scripting language though... for obvious speed reasons it would be suicidal.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2834d ago
beastgamer2834d ago Show
N4g_null2834d ago

This is funny the 512 is for the gpu fools ummm gamers sorry. No way in hell would I even be talking about it being powerful unless it was all SRAM. Now that would be over kill.

512 is the frambuffer limit for 1080 and an additional screen with a r700. 256 megs would be a waste to an r700. Around 800 shader units ring bus, yeah that's way too low.

Yet you can get 6 gigs for around $200 not gddr or SRAM but you get the picture.

I dont think any one has been under the hood yet and I only know about one system out of many different types being shown. Either way this should be fun. I havnt heard of the upgrading thing though. You know the r700 was basically made for sli configs right?

You know that actualy make sense now. It seems nintendo isn't telling every one the same info. They are so sneaky!

N4g_null2834d ago

Go look up shader model 4.1. Better yet 4.1 OpenGL. It supports the latest open gl shader model. If it makes you feel better to believe it's going to have 512 megs of ram like the ps3 then knock your self out. Open gl 4.1 is pretty much like saying direct x 11.

I guess time will tell. It always does. Who ever gets this wring is going to look like giant haters when every thing is revealed.

MostJadedGamer2834d ago

"New console to be 'a bit more powerful than 360'"

Just absolutely terrible. So in late 2012 they will finally release a current Gen console. Absolutely embarrassing.

Bull5hifT2834d ago Show
ReBurn2834d ago

Sounds like it will be obsolete right out of the box. Well, not by Nintendo's standards, but compared to other hardware that will inevitably be releasing this will be underpowered pretty fast.

+ Show (13) more repliesLast reply 2832d ago
green2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

512mb of RAM for a 2012 console? Are they f*cking kidding me?

EDIT:2011 Mobile phones like the Motorola Atrix 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II have double that amount of RAM.

NYC_Gamer2834d ago

that is weak as shit for any type of new 2012 hardware

fluffydelusions2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Nintendo has never been about cutting edge hardware but at least they get 3rd party multiplats from ps3/360. But this all just rumor anyway...

green2834d ago

@ plbelanger: I know that they have never been about raw specs compared to Microsoft and SOny but if you look at the Wii when it 1st came out, it was more powerful in every aspect than the xbox and the specs while not strong were kind of acceptable at that time.

But for today's standards, 512mb is criminally unacceptable when from the very 1st year the 360 and PS3 lunched, devs have been complaining about how only 512 of RAM has impacted development.

At least 1gig would be much much better.

eagle212834d ago

the rumor says "at least" in reference to conclusions were made guys. :)

DrVosknocker2834d ago

I'm sick of people saying this. Up until the Wii they were ALWAYS about power. I guess Nintendo engraved that into young people's minds when the Wii launched. Nintendo has always had a more powerful machine then their main competitor. NES-N64..they tried with Gamecube. and N64 would have been beast if it had a CD-Rom

TreMillz2834d ago

yes its weak but you guys are forgetting Nintendo doesnt add the latest specs to keep the price low.

Nintendo Console = Always affordable(for its time anyways)

dktxx22834d ago

4gigs of ram costs me, a consumer, about 50 bucks. A hardware developer can get get it cheaper, so 512mb would be a huge disappointment.