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Game Of The Year 2016:   2016 has been another fantastic year for gaming. Whilst the sheer number of games coming out has probably declined again, the overall quality is up – the only thing really missing nowadays is solid experiences ‘in the middle’ – everything is either big-budget, ‘AAA’ games or smaller indie titles, with few episodic titles sat as a kind-of, sort-of bridge rather uncomfortably in the middle. Whilst that’s a shame for the industry in general, there’s still been loads of great titles this year, perhaps most notably five fantastic shooters in Doom, Gears, Battlefield, Call of Duty & Titanfall, all of whom take their respective games in new directions and improve over their predecessors in meaningful ways. As ever, each of our main writers have listed out their own personal top five games of the year – enjoy and please leave a comment if you disagree!

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esmittystud1011628d ago

Shooter: Battlefield 1

Linear: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Open world: Dark Souls III / Final Fantasy XV

Platformer: Inside

Racer: Forza Horizon 3