Torment: Tides of Numenera is a Strange RPG Coming to PS4

We want to solve bizarre mysteries, argue with memorable lunatics, and get killed by dangerous artifacts when we press the wrong button. That’s why we’ve been having so much fun making Torment: Tides of Numenera — the entire world is a soaring swan dive into a bottomless lake of delightful weirdness and we’re immensely excited that the game will be coming to PS4.

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RpgSama2570d ago

So excited to be able to play this kind of isometric Rpg's in this day and age, and to be able to play them on my home console and not having to buy a moderately good PC, even better

Germany72570d ago

Wait...this game is not exclusive anymore? LOL!

Maxor2570d ago

Why would it be an exclusive? Microsoft didn't pay them to make a game for Windows 10. PC games are just games, the concept of "exclusive" is a console fanboy term.

goombasquad2570d ago

Well, it originally started as a PC-kickstarted game. Doesn't mean it can't expand to other platforms...

Ysmir67232570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

So?Is any console player going to by keyboard/mouse for one game?

Kakmandu2570d ago

And Why it's on Vita section? BS

krzysiek2566d ago

It's gonna have gamepad UI too.

MadLad2570d ago

PC players aren't afraid of letting our precious titles appear on other platforms. We have this weird thing about us where we like to see great things be appreciated by as many people as possible.

Strange that.

Ark_2570d ago

Indeed. The more the merrier.
It's good that games like Divinity: Original Sin or now Tides of Numenera find their way to consoles.
The studios earn some more money and hopefully will develop worthy successors.
As long as they keep providing good controlls (mouse/keyboard) for PC - I am happy.

Looking forward to this one btw.

Lamboomington2568d ago

It should be noted that we're not too happy when exclusives such as Crysis became multiplatform. However, that's not just because "we want exclusive", it's because of another legitimate reason, ie- Downgrading the game in terms of graphics and simulation, simplified gameplay etc.

In the case of Divinity and Torment, it's really quite fine, because it doesn't have those issues.

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2570d ago
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Interview with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil

Forza is the best racing game. Xbox will continue to work hard to create Japanese titles.

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crazyCoconuts1d 7h ago

I wonder how the gamers in Tokyo feel after Phil's email came out about how much he'd like to buy Nintendo.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 6h ago

Nintendo is probably laughing rn since they're winning and doing amazing my friend XD.

fr0sty1h ago

"Forza is the best racing game. Sure, it has fewer tracks and no VR, but it's better. Promise."

Abriael1d 4h ago

I'm in Tokyo right now, and I can pretty much promise you that the vast majority of gamers in Tokyo don't give a flying F about that.

Jin_Sakai1d 2h ago

Probably because the vast majority don’t even know about it.

StormSnooper1h ago

They are trying. they will buy anyone they can.

Jin_Sakai4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I’m sure they wouldn’t want Nintendo owned by a Western mega corporation that can’t even figure out what to do with their own gaming division.

porkChop4h ago

Outside of places like this no one really cares that much. Anyone with some common sense knows it ain't happening. Nintendo's investors would never go for it, and regulators would never approve it. No console manufacturer will be able to buy another. Even if MS were to go software-only, with Bethesda and ABK they'd be way too big to allow that purchase.

The most we'll likely see is further collaboration between the two. Maybe a bespoke version of Game Pass to stream games that otherwise aren't available for purchase on Nintendo systems. Or maybe Nintendo will use Azure to revamp its online infrastructure.

S2Killinit2h ago

Fu€k spinster and his company

StormSnooper1h ago

at this point, I don't blame you. MS really showed us they cannot be trusted.

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purple1011d 6h ago

Oh boy.
. Here we go.

3 bags of microwave popcorn at-the-ready