Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Sale for $16

onPause: "Over at the official EA Store, when you use the coupon code 'batbadco260' at checkout, you can get Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on either PS3 or 360 for just $16 bucks."

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jjohan352835d ago

Hardly anybody plays it on consoles anymore. It's hard to find a full game esp after 9pm.

Agent-862834d ago

I don't know about that. According to this site below, BFBC2 is still played plenty across all platforms. Close to 10k players on each platform most times of the day.

trancefreak2834d ago

I love this game and the Vietnam pack was well worth the histaria.

Ive alwas had a problem with the game where u think your in one spot taking cover but you end up getting smoked. Always some kinda of delay lag where u like a step out of position and the game netcode doesn't respond with great accuracy.

Im having a similar problem with killzone 3 servers. yesterday I keep getting session master server errors and lock lag. I noticed a lot of foreign voices so I don't think I was matching up locally. that is a Major turn off when I have lag from the other end.

But I cant say that I totally hated the game over it I really enjoyed the mplayer side but wasn't as fun as the original too me.

RonyDean2835d ago

If I didn't already own it id jump on this deal!

hoops2835d ago

Jump on this deal if you don't have this game

NayThin2835d ago

Like, literally, the coupon code doesn't work.

Finger-Eater2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Edit: Yeah he is right the code doesnt work :(

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