New Battlefield 2042 Comparison Highlights Visual Improvements in Returning Maps

A new Battlefield 2042 early comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the visual improvements introduced in the returning maps.

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ABizzel1559d ago

The problem is the old games don't look bad to this day. It's definitely an improvement, but not a huge jump that shows off "Next-Gen" except more environmental details. The base games were good looking enough to still be acceptable. The framerate however looks noticeably better.

Good-Smurf559d ago

Kinda reminds me of TDU Oahu map on TDU 2 the complete change in camera tricks and its filter effects make returning look both better and worse than original.
Caspian Border BF3 looks really cinematic warring and a bit gritty while on 2042 it looks almost Fortnite like in comparison,quite colorful very clean looking.
Still prefer a more grounded look of past BF up to BF3.

DMgHalt559d ago

Improvement, yes, great. But not enough for me to care. haha

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