Destructoid Review: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs

SOCOM: Confrontation caused quite a stir due to its mixed reviews. Many praised the potential it had, but lamented its notorious network problems and glitches. Now that series creator Zipper Interactive is back in the driving seat, SOCOM has a chance at some crucial redemption.

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LOGICWINS4811d ago

Uh oh indeed. People aren't going to like this.

solideagle14811d ago

can we say SOCOM has no chance now to be franchise? zipper should have made MAG 2 with story?


Imtey4811d ago

Jim Sterling at it again!

MAJ0R4811d ago

hmm this game may be bad but I would say that is an unfair score

JohnnyMann4204811d ago

People have to remember that 3/10 is a horrible game, whether you like Jim Sterling or not.

Does this game deserve more than a 3/10?

Would you rate this a 3/10 if you were a reviewer?

I am sorry I don't really like Socom and I played the beta and to be honest a 3/10 score is just completely rediculous. Even I would give this game nothing less than a 6 and 6 is NOT a good score.

Jim Sterling is an idiot that likes rating things he doesn't like as low as possible.

Talk about throwing your weight around (pun intended)

SageHonor4811d ago

Holy Crap!!. I dont ever look at destructoid but 3/10 seems a little too harsh. This looks like one of those games with some serious mixed opinions.. The highest score ive seen so far is 8.5 and this is the lowes

So far all of the scores ive seen are 3, 7.9, 8.5, 8.5 and a 6...

Lets see what IGN and Gamepot says

Ju4811d ago (Edited 4811d ago )

Sterling is bi-polar. :) LOL KZ3 10/10, Socom4 3/10. Not brave enough to give it a 1. Just for the controversy. That would imply at least some joke factor.

captain-obvious4811d ago


oh boy the shit just hit the fan

rockleex4811d ago (Edited 4811d ago )

He's a bi-polar attention seeking reviewer with a holier-than-thou act.

Just move along.

captain-obvious4811d ago

you know what
i want this to get bigger

i hope Sony black list destructoid so we could have some drama fun internet thingy lol

baodeus4811d ago

Sony is not affiliated w/ any reviewer sites right, so does it matter if Sony black listed destructoid? What is that gonna do?

ComboBreaker4811d ago

Knowing Destructoid, I am pretty sure it's just a joke article.

Pixel_Pusher4811d ago

"In my short time with the online (and it was short, because I couldn't keep playing what was, essentially, unplayable), I saw grenades hovering in mid-air, never moving or activating. I saw bodies floating five feet off the ground. I saw people dying from explosions that didn't actually happen. I've seen disconnections and game kicks of every description."

Wow this guy is completely full of shit. Thank god Sony released the beta to all otherwise this scumbag review might been taken seriously.

HolyOrangeCows4811d ago

An exceptional franchise conforms to the Call of Duty crowd and gets a 3/10, as opposed to all of the new COD rip offs getting 7/8s and COD games getting 9s.

Oh YEEEAAAH, that's fair.

Commander_TK4811d ago

Holy shit.

I would've understood a 6 or 7, but 3 is going too far.

Pixel_Pusher4811d ago


"It's tough to draw too many definitive conclusions while a game's still in beta as there's still some final tweaking , balancing and finessing to be done. However, subjective as these things are, SOCOM 4's online games are smooth, lag-free with plenty of players ready to do battle in a pleasingly slick experience that's every bit as compelling as the best of the FPS breed. With a wealth of game modes and styles, a decent progression system, plenty of rewards and perks to choose from and some satisfyingly hearty tactical shooting action, there's every sign that SOCOM 4 will not only live up to, but exceed the series' finest multiplayer traditions."

badz1494811d ago

Crazy Jim Sterling is at it again! if he's reviewing the game for himself, better don't post the score at all because 3/10 for SOCOM is showing that he's a TROLL! just like how he gave 10/10 as opposed to the average 6/10 to Deadly Premonition and I realized that he was always a TROLL!

kancerkid4811d ago

Hi, I am a Sony fanboy. Instead of arguing against the points the reviewer brought up in his written piece, I will ignore every single word written and instead focus on the score at the end and comment on how ludicrous the score is, even though I most likely did not even play the game.

I also ignore the fact that reviews are opinions, because, you know, sometimes people hate even the best games ever released.

Biggest4811d ago

Hi! I'm a 360 fanboy. Instead of arguing against the points the posters brought up in their comments, I will ignore every single word written and instead focus on something totally different, even though I most likely did not even play the game.

Pixel_Pusher spelled it out for you with quotes and links. Please continue to ignore it. . . But go elsewhere to do so.

Anon19744811d ago

It's to the point now when I see medium to high reviews and then a 2 or a 3 I ask myself "was it Jim Sterling"? And it is, again.

Destructoid again continues it's descent into mediocrity. First he's mad because the game needs to load and for some reason splash screens, which every freaking game has, is somehow an annoyance that warrants a lower score now. Then he bitches that the story is generic, with a bunch of angry guys running around with guns. This is a shooter, right?

The Gameplay he claims is "standard". So tell me, dear Jim, does that mean all shooters should get a 3 if that's the "standard"? Then he bitches about lag as if Socom 4 is the first game to suffer from laggy servers right out of the gate. My experience has been that Call of Duty games you might as well not even pop in for the first 2 months for online play.

Then he claims the online is actually fairly decent. Bi-polar much?

Perhaps in the future you might consider taking your meds before reviewing games. Either that or leave it to the reviewers that don't have a history of assigning good games low scores for hits.

roguewarrior4811d ago

Played the PSN beta for 5 hours straight full 32 player suppression. No lag, no gliches( never fell through floor, never saw grenades float in air, ect. guess i got real lucky,

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solideagle14811d ago

can we say SOCOM has no chance now to be franchise? zipper should have made MAG 2 with story?


Danielmccue4811d ago

I think its more of a third person MAG than SOCOM judging from the beta.

gamerzBEreal174811d ago

did u play it with move? cuz thats probably why it felt like MAG to u without it it doesnt

thief4811d ago

I think we can say Jim Sterling has no chance of being taken seiously as a reviewer.

Reviews be damned, to me this game is a must-buy because of two reasons: to experience the famed socom multiplayer community (never played the PS2 socoms) and enjoy some unique team-based gameplay, and also to enjoy a game that shares some of the gameplay that MAG has, any game that comes from the developers of MAG has to rock.

Ju4811d ago

It is no MAG. I don't know. People comparing that with MAG haven't played either. The art style resembles to MAG somewhat but is much more improved in Socom4. The playstyle is completely different; 3rd and 1st person just play differently all together. Tactics is different. Maybe hit response is the only one which might be similar (1-2-3 shot kills).

SageHonor4811d ago

Socom is already a franchise

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Noble Spartan4811d ago

well pretty much absolute just like MAG.