Looking Back: Should Socom 4 Really Be Considered A True Socom Title

Back when Socom 4 was officially announced, being a die hard Socom fan of the previous titles.

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Dart893992d ago

My only gripe with it was they tried catering to the damn cod noobs.I feel like typing a letter to all FPS Devs and telling them to stop trying to cater to the damn noobs cuz it's ruining what we originally fell in love with their games.If that make's any sense.

Nicaragua3991d ago

My only gripe with it was that it was shite, quite a major gripe to be honest.

quiddd3991d ago

I don't like the whole "one-man warrior" gameplay that COD seems to cater to. I realize companies like Activision along with the others are trying to maximize profits by developing what's popular. However, I emplore Zipper to sacrifice sales for quality and authenticity.

Kyosuke_Sanada3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

And here I thought the author would have got the hint after the absence of Demolition in the game but it was bound to fail. The protagonist is from NATO for heaven's sake....

But I lost all faith in Zipper especially after hearing the podcasts of Seth dodging vital questions and playing ignorant to the complaints of the old fanbase (and actually some of the new as well).

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier here I come...

Drekken3991d ago

Socom is a dead series. When two games in a row release named Socom get deemed as "not a true Socom" its time to kill the series.

I bought Confrontation - What a mistake.

I loved MAG, but I just couldn't support Zipper on this one.

brettyd3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Its not a Socom game at all. It feels more like a crappy version of Ghost Recon if anything. The gameplay isn't even the same, nothing about this game resembles Socom. Confrontation was a better game.

I agree with all the authors points, but damn this article is poorly written.

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