SOCOM 4 DLC Packs Announced - "Demolition" Free for New Players

"The SOCOM franchise is a long and storied one, and today we're very happy to announce that we're revisiting its past and bringing back what is perhaps the series' most popular mode, "Demolition". Existing owners of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs will be able to download the Demolition Pack for $9.99 with today's PlayStation Store publish, which brings with it not only the Demolition competitive multiplayer game type but new maps, weapons and character skins as well. " -socom.com

ArchangelMike4520d ago

hmm, might have to dust off my copy of socom.

Dante1124520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

This should've been in the game Day 1 (Hate the DLC trend this gen). I think it's a little too late now. Most of the Socom vets kinda just given up on S4. I mean, I like it, even still play occasionally, but the classic modes I play on seems to lessen by the day.

badz1494519d ago

WTF? I love SOCOM 4 even with the hate it receives but rewards goes to those not buying it early?? seriously WTF?

ArchangelMike4519d ago

Yeah, Zipper have got the whole thing backwards. It shold be the other way round. Peeps who already bought the game, should get the download for free; and those who purchasing new copies should have to pay for the dowmnload.

p.s. Zipper why did it take so long to bring back Demolittion in the first place???

Soldierone4519d ago

Wtf....why do NEW players get rewarded and not the ones that have stuck around even with all the hate around it? The game is even getting a price drop because of it? Give me a break.

This is where DLC starts to get irritating. Should of be in the game to begin with...

CBaoth4519d ago

And dammit, they had to include Ruins; my all-time favorite map. I was going to pass on this.

Jeff2574519d ago

I bought SOCOM 4 when it came out and because of the PSN outage I never really got into the MP. A lot of the reason why is because it didnt have the Demolition mode. But this is seriously messed up. I don't usually mind putting in codes when someone buys a game new especially if it is announced before the game is released. But this is straight up BULLSHIT. Sitting their saying if someone buys the game now we will give them something everyone has wanted since day one. But hey if you already bought the game we will make you pay to be able to play it. I don't care that they are finally adding a mode I would play I certainly won't be agreeing to this.


Agree...There are a lot of Socom players that have stuck it out in hopes that Zipper would come through and make more modes like how Socom use to be, and this is how they get repaid for being early adopters? It should be free for all as appreciation.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4519d ago

If this doesnt show what those asshats at Zipper UNinteractive think of their loyal customers nothing ever will. Seth Luisi and company will continue to bend each and every person over who allows him to by purchasing their games

Socom was the sole reason for me sticking with the ps3 for next gen, and it is no longer even on my radar. This franchise died when David Sears left. FU LUISI, and FU ZIPPER!!!!

TheDivine4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

I love socom 4 ALOT but F that. I should get it free with my pro pass for buying it new or at least having ps plus. Free for new players WTF?

Edit:I guess its good they are giving an incintive to new players. We def need more players in socom 4 and its good they are trying to grow the community but they should have just made it free for all new purchases (not used) so the diehard fans dont feel like theyre getting shi* on.

-Alpha4519d ago

This is Sony's fault, not Zippers.

Sony is the one who determined the fate of SOCOM 4 and made it into what it is, Chris Roper tweeted that it was Sony's choice to do this

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n4gisatroll4519d ago

That is kind of a slap in the face. They wait a year to release demo...and those who got the game early has to pay but new users get it free? They are seriously better off just porting all the old maps to confrontation. Those who are left on sc would buy every dlc for it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4519d ago

Agree...even though Confrontation was a frankenstein socom experience, it is still miles ahead of SLOWcom 4.

I cant express how much I hate the gameplay in Socom 4 now, it is just awful. If it wouldnt have had the Socom name in it I might have given it a chance but they shit all over the franchise and community with it.

Horny4519d ago

Fuck zipper for screwing this game up, I got rid of this tps/fps inbred piece of crap two weeks after I got it. Was indenial about it sucking at first but there's no hope for this, its just not as good as other offerings. So they split the fanbase and now they wanna bring back demolition, this won't save the game.

NickTheHitman4519d ago

What happened to Socom Pro? I thought I was suppose o get this free.

n4gisatroll4519d ago

Apparently socom pro was to get exclusive stuff for free, not all dlc for free. This is sooo annoying what Sony has been doing as of late with their first party games.

SoapShoes4519d ago

They said that some DLC would be free with Pro and there will likely be more free DLC for Pro but they never said ALL DLC would be free.

I wasn't much into the multiplayer but I might get it.

SoapShoes4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

Disagrees must be from butthurt fanboys because objective people who didn't believe it would ask for proof... Well here ya go!

"Some seem to think they were going to get all DLC for free. Here's a link of Dunham explaining it clearly, a thread made 4 days before the game released. He said some will be free (like the first one you got) and some will be paid for by everyone (like this one). See the last Q/A in his thread.

http://community.us.playsta... "

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