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Trendy Gamers: Saying the PS3 had a great year for exclusives is a bit of an understatement. We saw a slew of exclusive games launching for the PS3 and while every single one was a sequel, they were all great.

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TrendyGamers4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Infamous 2 put up a good fight but in the end, Uncharted 3 won.

negroguy4446d ago

It was good to see Infamous 2 in the running. I had a tremendous amount of fun with it. Just something about free roaming with super powers is great.

TrendyGamers4446d ago

Definitely, I just wonder where the series will go in Infamous 3.

Rhythmattic4444d ago

I finished Infamous 1 on good, not yet in bad/evil mode...

But at that point, I allowed myself to download and play the Infamous 2 demo...

OMG... The graphics are insane...

Must now finish Infamous 1 on evil, then get loaded, stocked and barrelled on Infamous 2..

And yes, I love the gameplay.


inFamous 3: We Want A Second Son Sequel

Fans of the action-adventure franchise have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential sequel to one of the best games on the PS4.

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Alexious275d ago

I want it too. Make it co-op as well.

-Foxtrot275d ago

Yeah they had a lightning bolt in the shape of a question mark at the end of Infamous 2

They always went off the good ending for Cole so I think for Delsin it should be the bad ending

What he did in the bad ending, absorbing everyone’s powers, seemed like he was going to turn into something powerful.

Makes you feel like he could have been the real Beast and John was just an anomaly because of them messing with time

Sets up a Cole vs Delsin showdown

potatoseal275d ago

How would fans feel about a reboot? You know to bring a new audience in? Not a good idea? Good idea?

anast274d ago

Not a god idea. They let it sit for too long and the game hasn't been strong enough to carry itself all these years. There is so much other stuff out there right now.

masterfox275d ago

Second Son was released in 2014 was an amazing game visually and gameplay wise, sometimes I play it again on the PS5 and seeing it run at 60 fps is something to behold(yes an almost 10 year old game), if you haven't done that on your PS5 try it you won't be disappointed, pure eye candy, a PS5 exclusive of Infamous would be amazing no doubt.

gold_drake275d ago

meh, i want Cole to come back.

or maybe a reboot. with cole.

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20 Years of Guerrilla: The Story of a PlayStation Studio

The Amsterdam-based studio reflects on its humble beginnings, beloved franchises, and growth through the years.

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SullysCigar290d ago

Up there with the top tier in the industry. Love Guerrilla Games - Horizon Burning Shores is simply STUNNING.

1Victor290d ago

Can’t wait for their next franchise

SullysCigar290d ago

Same. They nailed it with Horizon. The trouble is I also want a new Killzone! Can't I just have it all?!

jznrpg289d ago

I’m with you I want Horizon 3 , Killzone and new IPs

badz149289d ago

I have yet to play Burning Shores as I just started Forbidden West (bought at launch, just unwrapped last weekend LOL) and playing on PS5.

man...I still can't believe the graphics especially now I'm playing it on my LG OLED. that graphics and with stable performance backing it up, GG really is the master of their craft!

Vengeance1138290d ago

32.7M sales in the Horizon franchise! With 8.4M coming from Forbidden West alone! Truly a hugely successful game and franchise as a whole. Looking forward to Horizon III

Shane Kim290d ago

That's kind of a huge drop though. It's only been two games.