Crysis 2 looks amazing, but this is unacceptable

GF - "Crysis 2 looks amazing, but this is unacceptable"

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GamingForever4792d ago

That's pretty bad. Is this console or PC version?

TurismoGTR4792d ago

Chill out folks.. it's most likely his PC.

nveenio4792d ago

I do agree that this screen was taken with maybe not a crappy PC, but definitely crappy settings. It would be easy to set everything way down and take a screenshot just to get a story out of it.

nickjkl4792d ago


interesting moving on

Obelisk924792d ago

I can confirm this is on the console version.

It's on the mission "a train to catch", just after the beginning.

kancerkid4792d ago

How do you know he didn't get 'outside' of the map and is looking at something a player would otherwise never see?

He doesn't show the location that well so I am not (un)impressed yet.

lil Titan4792d ago

cut and paste "ok guys crysis 2 is done lets sell it now"

Downtown boogey4792d ago

Oooh! How terrible!
A single texture, oh my...


ComboBreaker4792d ago

this Crysis 2 looking like this is just unacceptable.

Panthers4792d ago

Either way, I dont see how this is 'unacceptable'. Its just a texture and has no impact on anything. Its something that you will most likely never see unless you are hunting for it anyways. When you are in the thick of it, fighting and running for cover as your energy wears out, this game plays and looks amazing.

AyeGee4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

Geez.. you guys nitpick the slightest things. This generation of gamers is so demanding. I've BEEN noticed this.. and i moved on. Didn't stop me from playing..

You guys need to lighten up.. "unacceptable".. you try making a video game that needs to be released on a deadline.

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Pixelated_Army4792d ago ShowReplies(14)
SageHonor4792d ago

You know I LOVE hoe everybody just talks about Graphics when comparing these 2 games.. Nobody ever mentions how Crysis 2 has terrible A.I.. The AI in killzone 2 and killzone 3 just rapes it.. Also Crysis 2 has frame rate, screen tearing and other issues... on BOTH consoles.. KZ3 does not have any of these problems.. Story ? Really? Both stories are dissapointing to the fanbase. Both stories have cheesy lines and annoying voice acting so its not even worth talking about

one2thr4792d ago

You nailed it right on the head sir, the A.I. in Crysis sucks it seems as though they are a simple upgrade of the A.I. in Black Ops..... Come on there are times where I know I'm out of sight and invisible, or even out of a naked eye field of vision and yet I'm being shoot at when im 200 plus meters away...... Bullshit and on top of that at least the A.I. in Killzone actually gives me the sense of war for example...... Instead of the A.I. just standing there while im reloading, looking stuck in the face they'll actually charge at me and try to get the melee kill but in Crysis they'll keep shootin and shootin and grenade and grenade..... how is that killzone manage to do well with its game play with only a set amount of enemies, once you kill them your done with them, but in crysis its like the good old infinit enemy respawn days, like what the fuck? I could have sworn games stop doing that?

Andy_Elvis4792d ago

I'd love to finish the story in Crysis 2, but a bug in the game means I have to re-start the entire game. No thanks.

It's on the level 'corporate collapse' (something like that) I need to 'regroup with the vehicles' and no-one does anything.....

I'm sorry but I don't care what graphics Crysis 2 has, it's a terrible game full of bugs....

moe844792d ago

Andy, have you tried reinstalling the game? Or are you playing on a console?

In my experience there aren't a whole lot of bugs to speak of. A few pathing issues with the Seth and certain ramps. The AI is crap, but there aren't many games with a good AI. None this gen, anyway.

PS360PCROCKS4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

one2thr - you never played crysis 1 clearly lol. You'll be strolling through this forest and a tank will blow you up. Lol the A.I. has super vision

ksoto4792d ago

But one has hectic warfare going on at any given time, many enemies on screen and alot going on to make it funnnn without loss of fidelity to framerate or graphics and we both knw thats not Crysis 2. The most over hyped game this year. Im glad Lens of truth shut the mouth of most of these fanboyssss!!!

strifeblade4792d ago

i love how you forgot to mention that crysis 2 is graphically more powerful than killzone 2.

HardCover4792d ago

Killzone? Who the hell, aside from you, was talking about Killzone?

You say everybody was talking and comparing, but so far you're the first I've come across.

DeckUKold4792d ago

The only way Crysis can have terrible AI is if the cpu processor is terribly weak. Mine is really strong so the enemies aiming are always perfect, and they work as a unit to surround and kill you. In fact I can't even get through the game I'm actually stuck.

MaxXAttaxX4791d ago

I love how yo forgot to mention that on consoles, it's not.

RBLAZE19884791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

Wow...ps3 version of crysis 2 has no tearing and it's easy to make ai in killzone 3 that just spawns, runs to the nearest cover, shoots only at you then dies. Oh yea killzone 3 ai is soo smart. Stop trying to desperately and needlesly bring killzone 3 into this. At it's best crysis 2's ai is better than killzone 3 on principle alone since they have other behaviors like investigating noises and moving around a sandbox environment. Oh yea and in terms of story crysis 2 shits all over that convoluted mess that is killzone 3's story. Especially that garbage ending. Stop trying so hard.

radphil4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )


Go to writing school man...And programming for that matter.

While I don't agree about him bringing Killzone into this, which it REALLY shouldn't have...you actually defending the AI in Crysis 2 is just....wow.

AI is the believe of human element within a game, hence it's artificial intelligence. First off, it's funny you used some generic actions to describe the AI. Moving around is what the first thing anything should do in terms of emulating intelligence.

2nd off, Crysis 2 isn't a sandbox environment. It's a linear game with some non-hallway areas at times. If the game was sandbox, then you would be able to go anywhere, like Farcry 2 for example.

While I'll admit KZ3's story is nothing to write home about, and I agree that throughout the game it was convoluted, you implying that the story is somewhat good, when it's already been done to death before on other games.

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dantesparda4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

The games graphics are way to glitchy and low res/low quality. Sure the lighting is better than usually for a console game and thats because it looks very volumetric, but overall the game isnt that impressive. The framerate isnt that great or smooth and can even be felt in the gameplay, the textures are very low res, the overall resolution looks very fuzzy. There is flickering on the shadows and all over the place like crazy. To many things pop-in or are drawn right and front of you, I mean even the clouds flicker! The aliasing is really bad and the game is very buggy. The AI is bad and very glitchy even after the patch and ragdoll physics are really bad. The game as a whole doesnt look that bad, but as you look at it closer all its individual parts, it really all starts to look really shitty.

I really think that Crytek should work on the PS3 version longer and get out a patch that fixes the graphic glitches and at least get the res up to the 360s res and fix all the texture/shadow flickering and try and improve the framerate

hiredhelp4792d ago

WOW look at you lot quick to judge arnt we. hmm
well just so you have a little bit more knowledge if you care to play this game on any console inc the ps3. there are many levels that you can see trash litterd around even floating on water that are basicly flat scanned images. not 3D objects like you expect. and even if this was on a average pc. that makes no differnce what so ever what a noob.

however personally it doesnt effect the enjoyment of the game for me.

Amphion4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

Oh so what...it's just some flat textures. Not like this is Killzone 3 or anything...

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aviator1894792d ago

Yup, this game was definitely built ground-up for the consoles.
They were probably just aiming for a more efficient and cinematic engine though. Game still looks amazing on consoles though.

Too bad about the PC version though.