Crysis 2 Revisited: The Console Effect

The sequel to one of PC's most celebrated exclusives went multi-platform, with a huge impact to CryEngine technology and the core make-up of the game. Join Alex and John for an extended chat about what the title meant to them, how the console versions stacked up and how CryEngine evolved for multi-platform development.

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PrinceOfAnger1747d ago

Pc version still comparable to new games.

annoyedgamer1747d ago

Crysis 2 was the beginning of EA's influence on Crytek. Not only was the multiplayer full of bugs at launch (still has today) but the entire game both SP and MP was redesigned to cater to the call of duty crowd. 3 kills - UAV, 7 kills, overhead gunship, etc.

Asuka1747d ago

Agreed with the sentiments of the video. Can consoles at the time run Crysis? Technically no. Unless ~14fps is acceptable as "being able to run Crysis." Other games at the time, KZ2/KZ3 ran (locked 30fps) and look much better (albeit horrible FOV). Result of a first party engine tailored made for the hardware, and an engine made with compromises to get a game to "run" on consoles, and at the end of the day gimp the PC version leaving Crysis 2 feeling... lacking. DX11 patch helped though, but no getting around that weak AI.

1747d ago
PUBG1747d ago

This game was okay I guess, but paled in comparison to the first game. The multiplayer was a better experience, but the single player didn't really feel right to me. I also didn't like the music that they went with in the game, I found it to be kind of annoying. I was so disappointed with the single player campaign, that I didn't even bother with the 3rd game.

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