Seven IPs That Can Save Xbox

Zach from WellPlayed writes about seven IPs that Xbox should turn to solve its exclusive problem

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brettbatley1785d ago

I’ll take a new Streets of Rage, Dino Crisis and Crysis from that list. TimeSplitters would be cool but can’t see it happening

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robtion1784d ago

I think a big new, must play, ip would help.

Original Xbox had halo.

Xbox360 had Gears.

X1 hasnt got one so far.

combatcash1784d ago

Sequel to Alan wake, sequel to Ryse, sequel to sunset overdrive, find a way to release scalebound that game looked insane, release Fable 4. A new Up or two to mix things up and boom, you can revitalize the system. Naturally these games have to be of high quality

SkippyPaccino1784d ago

The worst part is that they paid for both those exclusives... Wasn't even in house. Not even sure what Xbox has brought to the game besides new age online on console...

MrSec841784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

They need a bunch, at least one across every major genre that can provide differences to established multiplats and their competitors franchises.

Something with logical thought out systems, that make for a believable and solid experience, genre defining, made by teams people trust would be great.

They haven't earned their place in the market, they've been riding on the back of people they've bought with money, instead of supporting the industry and giving back to the gamers with what makes this hobby fun, good experiences that take people somewhere in their imagination.

Sony and Nintendo do that, as do multiple devs outside of those companies.

MS should remove Phil Spencer from leadership, hire someone who knows videogames and can actually do something with the resources available at Microsoft.

Someone with a backbone, who will fight to build Microsoft Studios into a truly respected game maker, not a spoilt child, riding around the industry with their Parent's hard earned money.

Kavorklestein1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I personally Consider QB and Ryse and Halo 5 to be must play games.
And Ori and the Blind Forest.

Whether or not these some of these games are on PC or not is irrelevant, since you Listed OG Halo, which was on PC, and OG gears, which was on PC. (with added content no less)

As Far as "New" is Concerned. Yeah I think QB's ending was underwhelming, but other than that, it was a Fantastic game that deserves more love than Hate.
Regardless of what Critics say.

Critics Loved the Movie: "it Follows" and "Get out" and I despised every second of those Films.
A Critic's POV is only half the equation.
Sometimes you gotta just see for your self.

DVAcme1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Microsoft needs NEW IPS, rehqshing old ones ad nauseum is part of the problem! Also...
-Sequel to Alan Wake: There already was one, didn't make much of a blip.
-Sequel to Ryse: I don't see how a sequel to a mediocre game can help Microsoft any.
-Sequel to Sunset Overdrive: Microsoft didn't give SO the marketing it deserved and the game suffered as a result. I don't see Insomniac risking making another one unless MS paid them MASSIVE amounts of money. Also, Insomniac is making PS4 Spider-Man, and that's gonna be one of Sony's tentpole games this year, so Insomniac doesn't need to work for MS.
-Find a way to release Scalebound that game looked insane: MS CANCELED Scalebound, so that is dead on the water, and I seriously doubt Platinum is very eager to work on a MS exclusive anymore.
-Release Fable 4: I don't trust Peter Molyneux no make me a sandwich, let alone a new game. Face it, the Fable franchise became more mediocre with every game, and Western role playing games have advanced way beyond Fable's concept. Fable 4 would just seem like a crappy unimaginative clone of The Witcher 3 at this point.

Seriously, MS needs innovation, not dipping into the well again and again expecting players not to get bored of the same ol' same ol'.

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oasdada1784d ago

None of these games have anything to do with the xbox brand. Making these kind of exclusive deals wont help MS but would be the case of TR exclusivity Again. XBOX Needs to make its oen identity with new ip and good sequels to games they have under their belt.. Not just throw cash at any random franchise and make it hostage to their console!

mark_parch1784d ago

it's so simple. just do a banjo and kazooie remake along the lines of the recent crash games that would be a guaranteed success. do whatever it takes to make a kotor 3 or kotor remake another guaranteed success

Str8Chaos741784d ago

Would love a new Crysis game on any platform. The first game was awesome.

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Heelix1785d ago

Save Xbox from what?

A platform that just reported growth . .
. . that just made MS billions in its last financial report?

oh you mean you'd like to see more exclusives games. .
Fix your headline then?

I'd like to see an increased volume of varied and diverse content coming to the box. They don't necessarily have to from First Party only. A few collaborations here and there.

Smart investments in both SP and MP content.

quenomamen1784d ago

No yea the Xbox is doing great! No MS got into this business to sell half of what the competitors sell, yes they prefer it that way actually. Denile is strong like bull.

Heelix1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

So we are trying to save Xbox from the competition?

If they released as many AAA games as their rival and still didn't sell as many consoles
Would they still need saving?

Xbox is its own benchmark - they've done 80 mill in the past and had even more AAA games than XO

They just need to match or outdo themselves again

Also the current gen is a wrap.

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Gaming_1st1784d ago


Your avatar is very fitting. In the hardware business you need to see growth, in order to get returns on the money you're spending. The reason MS is starting to move over into these paid subscriptions is cause the return is very great. MS lost billions trying to compete in the console market and due to the fact that just recently starting to see a profit. If MS can not sell you a xbox, then no paid subscriptions. You bring up 80 million 360 sold, but how many was multiple's to the same person? I mean a 56% failure rate is a lot. So that coincides with only 40+ million xbox live "members" at the time of the 360. That's "members" and not subscribers. So if you made multiple accounts on console that counted as a "member".

So unfortunately as much as you try to downplay. Technically they need to see a growth and not in the red like they have been most of MS console life.

trooper_1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Who cares how much money they made. What are they doing with it?!

Okay, I guess you can stuff hundred dollar bills in an XB1 and games will miraculously show up on the screen then.

How much does Microsoft pay you for nonsense talk?

UltraNova1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Exactly. Why should any gamer care if a Company makes money in a way it doesn't do service to us? Is all that money beeing reinvested in new IPs? No, in MS's case they imvest that money on more services which are solely created to extract even more money from us with minal effort and resources on their part.

Thats what MS is doing at the moment.

Jinger1784d ago

Actually that $100 bill would pay for almost a year of GamePass so they gave you 150 games for a year. Or you could buy a game or two from the marketplace. I'd like them to bundle it with a $100

Gaming_1st1784d ago


You're the exact person MS wants owning a Xbox....

optimus1783d ago

Wait until e3 and you'll see what they did with it.

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Bobafret1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

But when your closest competitor is outselling you over a 2:1 ratio, it's still a problem. If Sony were only ahead by 10-15 million units I might agree with you, but consumer perception is a big deal and has legs. Bad news travels fast and this kills brands.

showtimefolks1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Xbox one won't get no where near Xbox 360 sales which were inflated due to RROD anyway. They are compared against playstation and Nintendo

Releasing more games will never ever hurt so stop the nonsense. Yall are so pathetic instead of asking for more yall are settling for far less and asking others to expect less

The only reason ms and Xbox team so quite is because they are more than 40 million behind the best console in gaming today

Again stop this nonsense demand more don't settle for less

Bobafret1784d ago

"Xbox one won't get no where near Xbox 360 sales which were inflated due to RROD anyway"

Years later people still perpetuate this falsehood. The RROD boxes were replaced under the 3 year warranty and did not count towards sales.

showtimefolks1784d ago


maybe check your facts early on MS didn't' admit to having these issues it was until later when MS gave the 3 years warranty. There are many gamers who had to buy the xbox360 more than once. All this so they can say they got to the market first and had a early start

Heelix1784d ago

I think some of you are slow or maybe you just see what you want to see. Did you miss this part:

"I'd like to see an increased volume of varied and diverse content coming to the box. They don't necessarily have to from First Party only. A few collaborations here and there.

Smart investments in both SP and MP content."

The part where we all agree they need to do more?

so what do they need saving from? They're the only ones who can improve their situation.

In trouble they definitely aren't which is why I mentioned their growth in the gaming division.

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Kryptix1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Their mission is to profit the most out of one single individual person over many.

You pump out services and microtransactions. Soon, you'll see it become multi tiered. They'll maybe even help you rent out DLCs in the future for a higher premium.

What do exclusives need to become successful? A large amount of consoles sold so they're opting in on stacking multiple layers of money with the lowest number ratio aka the least people.

They're hush hush with a dead end trail, but I got it figured out. This is why you'll never see the same amount of new first party IPs compared to the rest.

The Xbox you knew is done. Jump ship for any of the much better alternatives.

Gaming_1st1784d ago


Diverse content is a blanket statement. Yay, more subscription based things....Yay for me. Xbox division has been in trouble since the beginning. They have lost billions upon billions over the course of the original xbox and xbox 360. Investors was wanting MS to sell the Xbox division and move on. MS is betting the house on selling everyone on subscription based services. Minimal cost for them and huge returns. But in order to do that, they need more people buying xbox's and subscribing to their services.

trooper_1784d ago

Maybe you need to read closely yourself.

Real, diversifying games is what will save the XBox brand from dying. Multiplats and games like Sea of Thieves won't cut it.

That's what the article is referring to.

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DivineAssault 1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

MS can report growth is because of microtransactions and subscriptions.. The xbox division is losing consumer confidence BIG TIME.. You think they came up with game pass because they like us? Look at how well sea of theives sold btw.. Thats sad because of how thirsty their customers were for a new game only to get stabbed in the back with another one of their schemes. Keeping people paying into that game as they make more DLC to sell you.. Whats even more sad is when they see the sales data, theyre going to think customers want that kind of stuff.. A sequel or more games with that structure will follow..

Inzo1784d ago

If I am not mistaken the growth they reported is year over year for the month of March, not annual growth and not profit. As far as I know the only company to have reported profit for their console is Sony.

CaptainOmega1784d ago

I guess Xbox owners like mediocre content... how sad.

spartan112g1784d ago

Shhh, you can’t say such things here. You’ll get attacked by the Sony fanboys swimming around in these waters.

The Wood1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

'I'd like to see an increased volume of varied and diverse content coming to the box. They don't necessarily have to from First Party only. A few collaborations here and there'

I can agree with that bit. They should be doing better for such a cash rich player. This is their 3rd gen. . . They're not rookies anymore.

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RuleNumber51785d ago

Let's be honest, their big guns will debut on the next Xbox.

zackeroniii1784d ago

lol c'mon are you for real? do you really believe that? you guys barely got any new IP on the xbox 360 and if they were they were lackluster. same goes for xbox one. can't believe people will still have hope and will continue to show support for this paperweight console and this garbage corporation.

combatcash1784d ago

@zackeroniii, mass effect, gears of war, Alan wake, lost oddissey, blue dragon and mass effect are a few I can think of, and they were all high quality. Not all of them sold well, but IMO they were great fucking games

Kryptix1784d ago

Mass Effect also came out on PS3 and a majority of those IPs were left behind a very long time ago.

Xbox has so few "main line" franchises or IPs that have that power to bring a successful sequel while PlayStation is building and growing like recent God of War and soon Last of Us 2. Even expect that Spiderman game to have a trilogy.

That's why PS4 is selling like hot cakes consistently because gamers know they're getting hardware that is properly backed and not shallow.

DigitalRaptor1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Microsoft tends to front-load their consoles at the start of a gen, it's just that they dwindle significantly as the years go by.

I don't know why you think they won't have a decent start.

bluefox7551784d ago

What makes you think, especially after this gen, that they even have any "big guns"?

StifflerK1785d ago

Nice list, I'm still surprised Timesplitters hasn't been brought back in some form (remake or sequel).

My 7 would be:

Old IPs:
1) PGR5
2) Conker's Bad Fur Day 2
3) Fable 4
4) Perfect Dark 3

New IPs
5) Killer Instinct Vs Mortal Kombat
6) A new action game by Itagaki-san ( the guy who made Ninja Gaiden)
7) A new cinematic AAA action adventure game.

Apart from Fable 4 - I doubt any of the others will happen , but still it'd be nice to see something like this happen at E3.

Xack1785d ago

Yeah I did think of Perfect Dark and Battletoads. But as both are Rare games I didn't include them. Would love both though.

Conkers is a good call. I didn't even think of that one!

Yeah I'd kill for a new TimeSplitters

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CyberSentinel1784d ago

1. Fable 4
2. Blue Dragon 2
3. Alan Wake 2
4. Splinter Cell Reset series

brettbatley1784d ago

Alan Wake 2 is a great call

Universal 081784d ago

Im with you on PGR5 100%, been waiting for that game since Microsoft bought the IP after Bizarre went bye bye.

oasdada1784d ago

I dont understand one thing.. Need good exclusive level games that a step above mist third party games? Why not just get a Ps4?

StifflerK1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I have a PS4 ( and Xbox, PC + Wii U)
MS does have a lot of decent IPs that could be great IPs - unfortunately most of them never get sequels.
I really want to see them invest more in their first party games and studios.

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