Deus Ex HR: Hardest Thing Making A 25Hr Game Is

NowGamer: Jean-Francois Dugas, game director on Deus Ex: Human Revolution has revealed the biggest challenges in making a game that lasts for 20-25 hours.

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HeavenlySnipes2779d ago

25 hrs of shit for the playres to have fun doing lol.

Quagmire2779d ago

Works perfectly for open world games, have yet to see a 25hour linear single player game which isnt an RPG

TheoreticalParticle2779d ago

"The challenges lie in the ability of the team to produce that much content in a reasonable amount of time and to make sure the content created receives the love it deserves,"

Really? I would have thought the answer was trying to find a way to stay civil with so-called video game journalists that ask questions that rocks know the answers to.

yog-sothot2779d ago

that said, there are still game developpers proud to annouce 60+ hours of gameplay while 59 of these 60 hours are boring as shit...

can't wait for Deus Ex HR though, hope it will be a worthy successor of the glorious original one

-Mezzo-2779d ago

Well with this game i'm sure i won't have a hard time having Fun for 25 Hours.

SpLinT2779d ago

25 hours is still not enough . Timesplitters2 had challenges and modes that lasted 100 hours of fun!! c mon

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