Killzone 3 sales 1 million

Killzone 3 may have been forgotten media wise with recent games like Homefront and Crysis 2 making headlines but it hasn't stopped Killzone 3 from selling consistently over the few weeks it has been out.

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BK-2012980d ago

I'm very skeptical of this considering VG was off by 2.5m on GT5's sales but it is strange that KZ3 hasn't sold as much as KZ2 and R2 in the same time frame. Could be a lack of marketing or it could be because of all the big games that were released around its release date.

trounbyfire2980d ago

well KZ2 turned a tone of people off and the media didn't help either but i think it could get to 2 million by years end which is great.

bigc0720042979d ago

let's be real....i bet half of these kids who bought killzone only got it for socom beta access. That is what my friend was gonna do. Killzone is just horrible. People just try to use it as a "good AAA title" to bash against the 360 because it has DECENT graphics. Idk what the huge fuss is about that looks nice, but not as amazing as everyone made it sound. I think it would feel better to play if the playstation controller wasn't made for those small japanese hands that built it. PS3 has so much potential, and they make you guys get your hopes up for another fail. This is why I am glad I am a real gamer and have a ps360. I am going to play socom until elder scrolls skyrim cmes out :). OR - battlefield 3 for PC!!

moneygun22979d ago

bigc072004 congratulations, you have just shown how to be the worst type of gamer, and you made it look easy. your bait is shit, go back to black ops

tmoss7262979d ago

Killzone isn't as well as recognized of a franchise as Halo. The casual PS3 owner may know about Killzone, but more 360 owners know of Halo that's for sure. Lack of marketing imo.

FailOverHero2980d ago

They were right about 250k first week in NA, NPD confirmed. They were right about HomeFront, THQ confirmed. They were 2.5 million below gt5 shipped numbers, no way to tell since SONY never release sold numbers

AntiHeroComplex2979d ago

yeah im surprised KZ3 isnt getting more of a fan base. One of my first ps3 games was KZ2 and i was really impressed. I just got kz3 last week and its been great. Online MP really shines.

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ScentlessApprentice72979d ago

not great sales figures. I am not a private auditor.

All the anti-KillZone/Anti-PS3 fanboys here on N4G who try to discredit anything Killzone, I would wager $10,000 RIGHT F'N NOW that you blind idiot fanboys do not even have any holdings in Microsoft or Bungie.

Sh*t, let alone know what the hell a "Stock Option" is.

bofuknjanglez2979d ago

hmm by having stock option means they would work for one of these companies i would actually bet a few people that spin shit here do have stock options for the opposing side

likedamaster2979d ago

The game is great, and quite satisfying.

Xander7562979d ago

They were off by 2.5 million? Can you PM me some details about that?

otherZinc2979d ago

1. Maybe Killzone 3 isn't as good as people think and consumers wont buy mediocrity.

duplissi2979d ago


cod says hi... piles and piles of shite wii games say hi...

Philoctetes2979d ago

The open beta was really bad marketing for this game, as it was plagued by connection/server problems. The retail version got off to a very rocky start too. It's quite a bit better now (map rotation is still broken a month after launch though), but game developers need to realize that poorly-supported betas and demos can hurt sales.

jrbeerman112979d ago

betas and demos seem to be hurting all games that use them lately. unless the beta plays more like the finished product, which is few and far between. Crysis 2 also may have lost sales due to poor demos

miyamoto2973d ago

I quote " VGChartz are as fake as a porn stars tits."

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Dart892980d ago

People can rip on this game all they want but all i know is i'm having a blast killing isa scum lol.

ForceCSW2979d ago

Sit down HIG! I'll gouge out your red eyes any day of the week!

GodofwarGoty2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

congrats Sony and Gurilla Games you guys deserve it and much more i am sure killzone 3 will sell more then killzone 2 life time for sure

Balt 2980d ago

The best fps I've ever played. End of discussion.

bwazy2979d ago

How can people disagree with you?

Its the best FPS HE's ever played, my god people.

acky12979d ago

The disagrees could just be people who don't think KZ3 is THEIR favourite game....disagrees don't have to be a direct contradictions to the comment.

I'm actually surprised by the amount of agrees it got...I thought the majority of people would have a different favourite FPS?

NukaCola2979d ago

Balt is a troll. He does nothing but bash Sony. Check his history. He has never played it, nor owns a PS3. He should be banned for being a lying worthless human.

BoNeSaW232979d ago

NukaCola is right dude! Read the guys profile before you run to his defense. He hates games and gamers and is here trolling ie: "stirring the shit" and laughing at you all. Bubble down ALL his post.

RumbleFish2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Exactly! I asked many of my PSN buddies if they were going to buy Killzone 3 and many who were saying NO, told me it was because of Killzone 2's multiplayer. I had an ambivalent opinion on Killzone 2's multiplayer. I think it was one of the best things that happened to fps games but it suffered from the input lag.
I can only hope that many gamers buy Killzone 3 in the months to come because it's really an extremely immersive game and easily the best first person shooter for the PS3.

RankFTW2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Half-Life. Buy it for like £1 on Steam.

stevenhiggster2979d ago

Probably go for Half Life 2 myself, the first one was great but the second was amazing. Can't wait for the 3rd, whenever they get round to it!

RankFTW2979d ago

Oh you have to play them in order.