Get in 2 the Game: Socom 4 Multiplayer Beta

Jon Ireson writes: "Socom 4 is a game that I have had paid off for a while now that is right around the corner dropping this April. If you don't know it's a squad-based tactical shooter releasing for PlayStation 3 exclusively which will feature all new modes tailored to your inner murder-simulation lunatic while also maintaining some of the greatness that made the original franchise great back in the PS2 days. You should 'get in 2 the game' everyone's jamming on by hopping over and grabbing yourself the access while you can."

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Hitman07692767d ago

Can't wait to get in on this, I have PS+ so I'm gonna play tonight but it's good there's codes out there for those who don't have access guaranteed yet.

fromasterjay2767d ago

Tempting...VERY tempting...

Rainstorm812767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I have PS+, installed the beta and BAM! hit with a 1.5 GB update......the wait continues.


BiggCMan2767d ago

Yea i'm definitely looking forward to it. I'll be getting the beta on the 29th since I have a Killzone code. I'm sure it will be good, but I won't be buying it just yet. Right now I want to take a breather from shooters, and I plan on getting Dynasty Warriors 7 soon (I'm a huge fan), as well as Mortal Kombat (The demo was AMAZING). They should definitely keep me occupied for quite some time. I will get Socom 4 later down the line though, no doubt about it.

ThanatosDMC2767d ago

Wow, it looks like an updated MAG game. Gotta get my PS+ back.

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SpaceSquirrel2767d ago

I've never tried SOCOM series before. 4 will be my first.

SeNiLesBack2767d ago

Neither have I. Looking foward to checking it out...

Kreyg2767d ago

Socom 4 beta is really good. Played it at GDC. I enjoyed it.

Criminal2767d ago

I think I'm going to get PS+ just for this (and MK demo).

How does Socom 4 control? Like Uncharted 2, GTA 4, or Gears?

herukuti2767d ago

more like gta4 than uncharted 2; but more refined with time.

ps+ is a good deal; betas, free games, themes and avatars; its a good compliment to your psn. and if your a trophy hunter its an extra 5-15 percent if you complete the games you get for free within the time alloted.

2767d ago
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