Super Smash Bros. Brawl Details

Though an English-language website has been propped up for American gamers anticipating the 2007 release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Japanese website features a constantly updated blog by game director Masahiro Sakurai.
The blog itself doesn't reveal any startling revelations about the game, but gamers starved for information should be pleased to hear a fellow Smash Bros. fan told 1UP he's been translating Sakurai's thoughts on the popular Smash World forums. You can peruse everything on your own, but here's what pops out

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f1r3waII K1LL3r5832d ago

Super smash Bros has always been awesome lets hope they keep it up. I wasnt planning on getting a wii but now its way above PS3 in my eyes ill definetly pick one up and its cheap Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Asuka5832d ago

i'm going to be using StarFox as always, and prove myself to the world that i am awesome when it comes to SSB ^_^

Schmitty075832d ago

Imagine the awesomeness this game will have. Hey Lance, I could beat you any day w/ Link!

Asuka5832d ago

i remember reading that almost all Wii games will have online play, could be wrong though.

But i expect online SSB

was that a challange my friend????

Schmitty075832d ago

My online name will probably be schmi77y05 (just like my XBL GT)
I will see you there!

Asuka5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

My name will be one of the following:

i'll let you know which one when i get a Wii, but for now, Crispy seems like its winning.

jinn5131d ago

characters r all that matter in this game

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