Super Smash Bros. Sales - Nearly 60 Million Sold Combined, Switch Version Top Seller

The cross-over fighting game franchise, Super Smash Bros., is one of Nintendo's most successful franchises that has seen one release per console starting with the Nintendo 64 and going all the way up to the current console, the Nintendo Switch.

The entire Super Smash Bros. series has sold nearly 60 million units lifetime with figures of 58.88 million units as of December 31, 2019. With the Nintendo Switch version still selling well it is only a matter of time before the series tops the 60 million mark.

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septemberindecember374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Almost 60M with only six entries is pretty dang good. For comparison, the second highest selling fighting game franchise is Mortal Kombat with 49M units sold between 24 releases with 15 of them being unique entries.

trunkswd374d ago

Only a matter of time before it tops 60 million units sold with Ultimate still selling well every quarter.

Neonridr373d ago

until another entry comes out I don't see MK11 moving another 11 million units.

King_Noctis373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

24 releases? Jesus Christ I never know that series have so many releases.

rockwhynot373d ago

What's the best controller to play Ultimate with hmm?

CDbiggen373d ago

I mainly play handheld because I'm so lazy, and for Smash I use the Hori split pad pro. Comes with turbo and two extra buttons you can use to assign. They're thicker with meatier buttons.

rockwhynot372d ago

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Neonridr372d ago

I enjoy it with my Smash edition Pro controller. Feels nice in the hands.

rockwhynot372d ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion

deafdani372d ago

Gamecube controller. It's THE Smash controller, period.

rockwhynot372d ago

Thanks for letting me no.

Neonridr371d ago

I still have a wavebird and 2 regular gamecube controllers that I kept along with the Gamecube adapter just for that reason.