534d ago
BrainSyphoned534d ago

Having to do a thing three times would make my list as #1

Jeriphro534d ago

What do you mean? Like doing the same task three times in a row?

BrainSyphoned534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Ya, find three items, kill three mini bosses, go to three dungeons. Things of three is a tired video game sweet spot number.

Witchcraft534d ago

Oh gods, yes. I hate obvious padding like that. Halo Infinite has it - destroy 3 of that, power up 3 of this. It mixes things up by having different encounters at each of the three locations, but come on, why can't it be ONE thing instead of three?

A variation of that is the forced detour, aka "Oh no, the door is locked, we have to go around" or "Oh no, the floor collapsed under us, we have to go back up". Last of Us 2 was absurd with these two.

0hMyGandhi534d ago

For me, it's collect-a-thons. They weren't fun in Donkey Kong or Banjo and Kazooie and they still aren't fun now. Why create these wonderfully oversized, detailed worlds if you are going to just supplement gameplay with ambiguous item fetch-quests.

There are exceptions, of course, But by and large, it just shows laziness on the part of the developer.
Good article, by the way!

Jeriphro534d ago

Yeah. It is funny some of the design decisions made by developers. Another one that irks me is unskippable cutscenes, especially after you die after the cutscene and are forced to rewatch the unskippable cutscene AGAIN. I mean, who thinks that a great idea?! haha

jambola534d ago

how about not allowing cutscene skipping
that's flat out inexcusable in any game in the last 10 years

SDuck534d ago

this comments are demanding a "The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse of Game Design Flaws" sequel