Ranking the Super Smash Bros. Games From Worst To Best

There are few franchises that seem to have been played by almost everyone in the world at least once. Standing with titans like Pac-Man, Mario Kart, and Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros. is a household name.

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septemberindecember460d ago

Been playing Smash Bros. since the original came out and this is one list I can whole heartedly agree on.

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Yi-Long460d ago

Kinda interested in the game (Switch), but its consistently high price combined with 2 equally expensive Season Passes means I’ll probably never get to own/play it.

Inverno460d ago

Most likely they'll release a deluxe edition for the Switch 2 cause they've shown no interest in re-releasing any of their games with dlc in "complete edition"s. But having to buy another Nintendo console wouldn't really be a good solution either.

Yi-Long460d ago

They might, but I assume just re-releasing this game on next gen will get the existing fans angry, who would prefer a completely new Smash game (like they’re upset about there not being a new Mario Kart this gen).

Seeing how very few Switch games I actually bought, because of those high prices by Nintendo, I also doubt I’d invest in a new console from Nintendo.

FinalFantasyFanatic460d ago


I would kill for a new Mario Kart, 8 isn't bad by any stretch, but it doesn't make the best of the Switch's capabilities, although I pretty excited for that new Mario Party. I do own quite a few Switch games, but I'd own more if the games weren't so expensive, it they're not Nintendo exclusive I end up buying elsewhere.

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