Xbox 360 is going to get even better, says Molyneux

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has predicted that the best is still to come from Xbox 360, as developers learn to take full advantage of the system's hardware.

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Kran4838d ago

I thought what Microsoft has done now WAS the best they could do ¬¬

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Ryudo4838d ago

The emphasize the context of every comment to come here. Troll Troll Troll, Dribble Dribble Dribble, Troll Troll Troll.

Kran4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

So does your comment make you a troll right now? After all, you are the third one down right now, until someone else replies nalyd.

@Ryudo below

Says the one trying to prove a pointless point rather than ignoring it.

Jocosta4838d ago

Its "Drivel" not "Dribble".

Ryudo4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Actually I meant it in the English context sometimes used for drooling...


Thanks for "Trying" not "Being" a smart ass though.

Jocosta4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Oh, so you meant they are literally drooling, still makes no sense. Your just covering up your mistake.

Chug4838d ago

Its "you're" not "your"

NaiNaiNai4838d ago

actually, dribble would insist they are idiots, or you know retarded.

Biggest4838d ago

He makes it seem as if someone actually clicks the "reply" button, drools on the keyboard, and clicks "Add reply". Your bad, Ryudo. That was dumb.

NiKK_4194838d ago

why are you even talking about trolls? you're one of the biggest trolls here right now

jke824838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

says the pot to the kettle

snp4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Not that i want to the defend this character, but dribble is fine in my book.

It may well be the case he meant 'drivel', i don't know. But regardless 'dribble' works in context as a visual metaphor for the act of attempting coherent speech here, but achieving not much more than something associated with the physically infantile and in this case (if you're inclined to imagine the state of the person via their words), not particularly pleasant for others to be an audience to.

Sorry, but it annoys me a little when people claim language must follow a single line only with no metaphorical leaps to add colour and life (as if it's mathematics). Seemingly for no other reason than they themselves aren't too good at following these leaps and glimmers when they're sprinkled around. Confusing that 'inability/limitation' with 'a superior knowledge of language/grammar' or some such thing.

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the_best_player4838d ago

No games for 360 this year, PS3 has 20 plus exclusives thats just this year.

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majiebeast4838d ago

Wahahahaha gears 3 yeah now try and say that with a straight face.

Biggest4838d ago

At least he didn't say Rage. I guess Gears is close enough for them to start using that as their holy grail. It was boring with all the "THIS multiplat will be better than ANYTHING on the PS3!"

wages of sin4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Yes, yes we know. No games blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile you have "20 exclusives" that may or may not be good. You have 20 exclusives of which most people will purchase two or three. You have 20 exclusives that still have you at a massive loss in mind share. From first to third.

Because you know, all those AWESOME (awesome meaning WAY overrated) exclusives have you in first place around the world in the minds of gamers and sales. PS3 fanboys are amazingly delusional. It's like a sad cult.

And yes, I own a PS3. I'm just not crazy like most of you clowns.

limewax4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Well a lot of these exclusive have a particular target audience anyway. KZ3 wasnt for me, LBP2 was and so will infamous and many others. they're an option.... One 360 gamers dont have now unless they wish to purchase games from yesteryears catalogue. No joke I own a 360 and play it everyday. Playing games I bought 3-4 years ago most of the time.

But as for the party chat, I personally think this is intentional. Party chat actually destroyed live in many ways. I play Lone-Wolf. I dont do parties, But I work with and communicate with the team I am thrown into.

How do you propose I do that when everybody is locked off in clusters of private chat? PVT chat used to split games when it was one on one.

Nowadays there no point playing games like CoD etc unless you are already in a party chat group. And before you say get friends lol, I got them but I dont find it fun playing the same people every day. So please tell me why Party chat is so important again?

Active Reload4838d ago

And all of them except 1 or 2 will be average at best. Moving along...

jke824838d ago


yeah maybe average at best, maybe mind blowing...but since game development is a chance industry full of hit or miss in your mind...you would probably like a few more chances to find a hit...say 17 more or so.......ya know just sayin

the_best_player4838d ago

high quality PS3 exclusives

TheDivine4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Ps3 has 3 good games this year kz3, uncharted 3, and resistance 3. Infoumous sucks, lbp2 is boring, what else is there again? Oh yea mlb boring as hell. Ps3 isnt that great this year, better multiplats anyways and im waiting for vs13 and last guardian which will prob be in 2013 lol.

Its sad you judge a system by how many games horrible or not it has.

xPhearR3dx4838d ago

dosnt mean the good bitch

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Aarix4838d ago

Man I wish I had $1200 for all those awesome exclusives because everyone knows ps3 exclusives beat any game ever made. (end sarcasm)

palaeomerus4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

" look @ how mad the 360 fanboys are AHAHAHAH!!"

If by "mad" you mean "not buying most of the PS3 exclusives for lack of interest"...yeah. Guilty.

I already bought KZ3 and want Resistance 3. I'll get Uncharted 3 too but I want to wait a while and get ti cheaper probably next summer because once November hits I'll belong to Skyrim. That's it. That's all I want. The rest sound boring, crappy, niche, waggly, short artsy DLC crap, otherwise forgettable, or else they are stuff I'll either rent or buy at a much lower price in a year or two (Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Infamous 2).

Hey, but at least YOU'RE proud of 'em and excited about them right?


With Crysis 2, Portal 2, Duke Nukem: Forever, L.A. NOIRE, Brink, Rage, Red Faction: Armageddon, Torchlight 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Gears of War 3,Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, Saints Row III, I don't really have time or money to worry much about the PS3 exclusives.

May and November are REALLY going to kick my wallet's ass.

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xAlmostPro4838d ago

Let me guess this is all because of the new tech demo's surfacing containing things that can't actually(in factual terms) run on the cnsole unless it was a game at like 10fps and 3 discs lol(or 2 hours long)

Although i hope they do, that way i can stop feeling sorry for 360 hardcore gamers that have a lack of exclusives, friends may think twice about selling their console and i may even re-buy a 360.. although i still don't see anything major coming to 360..

Microsoft are to busy rolling in kinects money

IcarusOne4838d ago

"containing things that can't actually(in factual terms) run on the cnsole unless it was a game at like 10fps and 3 discs lol(or 2 hours long)"

Can you back this up with specifics? I'm curious what tech is being used in that demo that's impossible to run efficiently on consoles. And since you said "consoles" and not "xbox", I'm assuming that means the PS3 can't run it either.

So again, what's the tech?

xAlmostPro4838d ago


There has been 2 tech demo's the one by Epic games and the other tessalation one by this guys studio.

The GPU in the 360 supports hardware tessalation, and thats what 360 fans are hyping about. Saying they've kept it hidden so after these years it can now become even better and far more graphical.

Fact is Tessalation uses a great amount of other resources, so they couldn't use it for everything through-out a full game because like i said the rest of the consoles resources would limit it, such as RAM, disc space etc. Mean although they could use it it won't be efficient and will probably be for something like one games water or fire effect or something, which tbh will be cool but won't create anything groundbreaking.

As for the ps3 i could be wrong but im pretty sure the ps3's GPU doesn't support tessalation, but the ps3 has already used software tessalation for some games :)

Tessalation is the tech im talking about, it's not even 'new'

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damnyouretall4838d ago

i love my 360 and all but this joker hypes everything. his games never live up to the hype either. and the milo game had me excited then come to find out it was staged. im not taking his word for shit.

Bravo44838d ago

Well first they need more people (AKA first party studios) who would actually take the time to max it. That is if it can still be maxed. On the PS3 side you got devs on the same "team" fighting against each other! Naughty Dog, GG , Sony Santa Monica, etc. All these 3 are currently working on new games too.

Not trying to be a fanboy here, just sayin' the truth.