Peter Molyneux on the Changing Face of Game Development

Kotaku UK's Laura Kate Dale talks to Peter Molyneux: co-founder of Bullfrog; founder of Lionhead; now founder and studio director at 22Cans.

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Fluttershy771491d ago

Great creative mind... a little bit of a wacko, but you know, maybe you have to be when you are like him?... He's suffering the destiny of many great developers from the past: mobile

nismo3701491d ago

"Great creative mind"

Knushwood Butt1491d ago

Molyneux and Kotaku.

A match made in heaven.

AK911491d ago

Please tell me your trolling

Knushwood Butt1491d ago

Not sure it's trolling.

I take what they say with a pinch of salt.

That's a nice way of putting it.

AK911491d ago

Doesn’t Molyneux just make mobile games now?