Peter Molyneux On Never Underestimating Nintendo, And Why Switch Is His Dream Console

"It really is a console for the 21st century"

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SuperSonic911515d ago

Just join your brother who works for Sony, Peter. Learn athing or two from him. LoL stop the smoke and mirrors

eagle211515d ago

The man just stated that Switch is his dream console. Good luck with that.

Eonjay1515d ago

Then he is gonna really love Sony's incoming portable.

naruga1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

i will repeat this_> what an idiot ....a man that had NO relation with games (he was just a sales man) in someway created a successfull thing (black andWhite) only because the huge talent of real developpers behind the original Lionhead team (and not because his worthless direction) , and afterward proved he is worthless and talentless as never managed to create somthing good , only tried to promote sht games with talks and interviews....i dont understand how companies with funds are still supporting this garbage maker...

darthv721515d ago

@naruga... you know there are those who make games that didnt start out making games... right?

Sometimes all it takes is an idea to start with.

CrimsonIdol1515d ago

@naruga. Apparently the lead designer (and in a lot of cases also a programmer) behind Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, Fable and bunches more was "a man that had NO relation with games" and "never managed to create somthing good". Just because you're clearly too young to remember all these phenomenal franchises behind his name doesn't mean they don't exist.

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annoyedgamer1515d ago

I think Peter prefers Japanese developers.

Sono4211515d ago

I mean, the Switch is also the dream console I wanted as a kid, a home console experience on the go. That doesn't change the fact that this guy is a cuck and we shouldn't take him seriously.

porkChop1515d ago

He's allowed to like and develop for whatever systems he wants to.

He doesn't need to "learn" anything from anyone. While he's certainly had some faults and failures, Peter has more than proven himself one of the greats.

I've talked a lot of crap about him in the past but I've grown to admire him and what he stands for. He's never been one to be complacent or stagnant, he's always pushing for new ideas and new directions. Many could actually learn from him.

sinspirit1515d ago

I think he would fit right at home with Media Molecule. A studio about creativity and expression. And, they get plenty of time to pursue their projects just from making LBP. He does over-exagerate a bit, but I'd like to see him with a more lenient deadline and creative freedom

porkChop1515d ago

I could see that. They do have experience together as MM started as a small team at Lionhead coming up with the ideas for LBP.

rainslacker1515d ago

I thought he retired after he backed out of following up on the whole point of that box tapping game he made.

eagle211515d ago

"This is the genius of Nintendo," he says. "Because time and time again, they go down an avenue and you think 'Oh my god, what’s happening?' I mean, I still love the GameCube, but you could argue that the GameCube wasn’t as strong as perhaps it should have been. Then they did the Wii, and then they come out with the Wii U and you think, 'Nintendo’s lost it again'. But then they come out with something which really defines a platform, and that’s what the Switch is. I’m an enormous fan of the Switch because it so cleverly allows me to play games how I want to play games; I love the whole thing of being able to slap it down in its cradle and then being able to pick it up and take it with you when you're done."

He's alright by me. Make a great game with a great team and I'll buy it.

mcstorm1515d ago

This is the thing people don't get on this site and are just blind to who ever they are fan boys of. The switch is a console that you can take out with you and plug into a docking system and play it on your TV. No one else offers this or has offered anything like this in the past. OK the psp let you plug it into the TV but it was not as simple as the switch and you also needed added controllers due to the short cable.

I think Sega offered something to but it was not the best.

Nintendo know they need to be different in the console market as they have tried the me to approach and this did not work out.

Japan love handheld consoles and Nintendo make the best portable consoles in terms of games and support the switch hits this and the rest of the world like both home and portable and again it fits this to. Yes has less power but when has gaming been about power? Psx ps2 had the lest power sold the most in there gens its about what they offer and what Nintendo offer alot of people can relate to.

PhoenixUp1515d ago

Is it also his dream not to over promise his games?

1515d ago
nucky641515d ago

PM has never been short on hyperbole

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