Peter Molyneux Wants To Bring His Next Game To Nintendo Switch

From NintendoLife: "Peter Molyneux's name may stir conflicting emotions for some players, but you can't deny the fact that he's been involved with some groundbreaking video games, including Populous, Black & White and Fable. He's currently plying his trade at 22cans, the studio he formed after leaving Microsoft, and has already released Godus and The Trail, the latter of which made it to Switch last year."

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eagle211506d ago

If he works closely with Nintendo for quality control then it has potential. He should really think about what Nintendo fans don't currently have in exclusive IP's and create something that could become a franchise. If it's a cash in, he can just keep it. Bring the heat because if the game is good to great, it will sell. Think like Nintendo and with

badz1491506d ago

and put Mario in it for confirmed sales

King_Noctis1506d ago

Mario is not the only franchise that sells on Nintendo platforms.

eagle211506d ago

If he can't come up with anything original, then beg Nintendo to use one of their many IP. It doesn't have to be Mario as Nintendo has so many characters or franchises that fans would love to see return again. StarTropics, Earthbound, a new Kid Icarus, etc. StarTropics seems more his speed and it would be awesome to have another one! If he is smart enough to figure this out he will see millions of dollars. If not,

naruga1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

what an idiot ....a man that had NO relation with games (he was just a sales man) in someway created a successfull thing (black andWhite) only because the huge talent of real developpers behind the original Lionhead team (and not because his worthless direction) , and afterward proved he is worthless and talentless as never managed to create somthing good , only tried to promote sht games with talks and interviews....i dont understand how companies with funds are still supporting this garbage maker in order to keep him still relevant with video games

locomorales1505d ago

It's always a good strategy for a studio or producer that have failed to delivery bring his next game to a Nintendo platform.
Nintendo fans are pretty vocalic and in exchange for a exclusive title they will relieve the defects.
Smart move Peter.

jeremyj29131505d ago

Just thought about and wondered what happened to my favorite XBox hype man. He used to crack me up year after year 😂😂😂

Gwiz1505d ago

Him and Sean Murray come from the same town lol,coincidence?

AuraAbjure1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

He can do it if he believes in himself. Just find that real inspiration Peter, burning to make its way onto the scene.

Smokehouse1505d ago

I like molyneux, he has some great ideas. Sometimes they are beyond his abilities but dreamers pave the way.

1505d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.