Angry Joe's Dragon Age II Review.

Angry Joe reviews the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. Is it better than the original? More importantly is it worth your money? Joe details went wrong in this follow up to one of the most compelling fantasy RPG’s of all time.

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Chubear4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

Best Game Reviewer on the Planet right now... Period!

Yeah, I know, you all prefer corporate lacky slop fed to you by IGN, GT.com, GS etc etc reviewers. Gee, I wonder why games are all becoming CODfied and sequels dumbed down but given 10s out the yang so sheep will just go buy, eat slop and say "yeah, 1up & EUgamer gave this a 10 so it MUST be good even though I don't seem to really like it but hey, I'm not a "professional" gamer like the great guys over at corporate hindquaters" :/

DavidMacDougall4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

Thats the guy Geoff slapped in public?

Puty4817d ago

Valid points and honest opinion. I like his reviews since he seems down to earth and regular guy from the neighbourhood, and can be pretty funny too.

swishersweets200314817d ago

Mental Note: dont ever click on anything with this guy ever again.

MAJ0R4817d ago

you can't tell he's acting?

XxBarretxX4817d ago

I like Angry Joe, but I think I speak for all educated gamers who are educated about games that he needs to do some damn research sometimes. His Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review was pitiful and it appears he just jumps into reviews with almost no background knowledge of the games. I didn't play DA2, so I can't disagree with him here, but most people who I know were raging about the removal of origins and making Dragon Age feel more like Mass effect are not really complaining about how bad the game is....

gorebago4817d ago

The game isn't bad. It's actually alot like origins which people don't seem to realize. It's addicting.

XxBarretxX4817d ago

I felt like such a nerd saying "educated gamers" lol

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EA Made Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC Free On PC By Retiring The BioWare Points System

Immersed Gamer writes: "In order to replace the oppressive BioWare Points system, EA is making a large portion of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC catalogs free for PC users.

For those of you blissfully unaware, EA and BioWare employed a payment system called BioWare Points on PC to pay for DLCs for titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While PC gamers have been struggling with BioWare point’s unfair conversion rates and extremely scarce and cost-detrimental sales.

Console players have been allowed to purchase content in pieces through the appropriate Sony and Microsoft shops. For real money, and not BioWare monopoly bucks. In turn, console players missed out on some DLC content, such as Mass Effect 2 pre-order bonuses that have been repackaged into a DLC pack."

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TinkerNation674d ago

Great response to Ubisoft and their disgusting behavior. Ubisoft decide to take away DLC from people who paid for it, while EA give it for free to everyone when they realize their system sucks. Who would have thought that EA of all companies would be showing Ubisoft how it should be done (even if this is EA fixing their own mistakes as well).

Mobis-New-Nest674d ago

What goes around comes around and I promise you, Ubisoft will see their actions blow back on them when their diminishing sales numbers and stock taking a hit downward. That's the only way a company learns when they decide to be reactive instead of proactive.


All BioWare Games Ranked from Worst to Best

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While BioWare’s quality has fallen off lately, there’s no denying the quality of titles in their portfolio. That’s why we’re going to dive in and rank every BioWare game from worst to best. By every, I do mean every BioWare game, even the ones you completely forgot about!"

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Orbilator833d ago

Ranked from worse to even more worse more like, they been on free fall for a fair few years now and I personally don't think any of there earlier games have aged well

autobotdan833d ago

Wow to think at one point in their history they made a Sonic the Hedgehog game..crazy