Killzone 3′s Squandered Narrative Potential

For all its graphical accomplishments and other improvements, Killzone 3 is ultimately a disappointment in storytelling and tone. A story full of potential turns into one of generic space marines fighting evil space Nazis. Yay! Everybody wins! Except people who want a little more depth to go with all the space Nazi shooting.

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Let me get this straight,COD,BULLETSTORM..E.T. C Which all had crap stories gets a free pass but when its a ps3 exclusive its a different story....I call BS..He can go to hell and suck Hitlers dick in hell :|

RememberThe3572781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

The problem isn't the story itself, its' how it was told. Anyone with any formal writing knowledge can see a missed opportunity in both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

ShinraE52781d ago

Bulletstorm is a horrible comparison, as its design was a more light hearted, comical FPS that bases it premise on the "kill with skill" idea. It was never heralded or hyped as anything else.

KZ3 is a console defining title (or supposed to be) for Sony, thus it will have higher expectations to live up to.

I can't agree or disagree with the author, I haven't played KZ3. Either way, if you enjoyed it, doesn't matter what this guy says.

cjflora2781d ago

My only complaint would be with the ending. I figured I was coming close to the end but I expected an end boss fight or something. When it ended the way it did it felt very sudden, very unexpected in terms of gameplay. Otherwise it was a great game.

rdgneoz32781d ago

Yep, the only thing I had a complaint about was the on-rails space crap at the end. Up until then it was fun. Loved the fight in zero-g, dead bodies floating everywhere and grenades getting chucked like a mile away.

sway__z2781d ago

What! mean the game I have been enjoying for 2 weeks has bad narrative??? Right i'm off to trade it in!!!

.....oh, give it a rest PS3 haters united, man it's a fking FPS FFS!! ....don't talk, just shoot!

RememberThe3572781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I completely agree wit the author. The story of Killzone is actually really good, but it is told in such a shallow, amateur, type way that any inherent drama is lost. Killzone could have had the best story of any FPS series out there but it was squandered (a great way to put it) with very lack luster story telling.

morganfell2781d ago

And the reason this super talented writer is working for a noname website while Guerrilla Games has a multimillion best seller is...?

Not that sales matter but you get the point. Ask the people that have played it. There isn't an issue with the story. There isn't.

And the absurdity mentioned above concerning K3 being held to a higher standard because it's a Sony flagship title is pure BS and the very complaint PS3 gamers are making. Thanks for proving the point.

What happened to judging all titles equally? You can't apparently. People can laugh at our idea of conspiracies but the individual above just proved their existence.

RememberThe3572781d ago

I've played it and I have an issue. But since my opinion doesn't match your, it doesn't matter? I'm not saying this author is a super talented writer, and neither is he for that matter, my point is that the Killzone story is not being told effectively.

And your damn right I hold Killzone to a higher standard, Killzone Has the best back story of any FPS series I can think of. I'm a huge Killzone fan and I love the universe they created, so I want to play through the best story they can create. I didn't do that in Killzone 3 and I have every right to voice my opinion about that.

You seem to have a problem with everyone who doesn't share your same opinion and thats your problem, but don't go calling me out for sharing my opinion. I'm not being unfair. I hold PS3 title to higher standards because they have raised the standards.

I'm not OK with mediocrity, you may be, but I'm not. I know GG could have done better and I expect that from them. And I wont apologize for having higher standards than yourself.

MeanOldman2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

ah ha ha 357 you jus proved morgans point. it dont matter if its personal or professional. the idea that you hold killzone to a higher standard is biased. it might be opinion in an article or opinion in a review. thats all they are anyway. but its called bias an its the very thing morg was talkin about.

your opinion on games is uneven. its like when a reviewer rates this game a 9 for graphics then takes another game with jaw droppin graphics an gives it a 8. its called bias. anything you have to say on this board just went out the window cause its obvious you are never gonna be objective. you said so yourself.

you just dont get it. you dont get to hold some title to a higher standard. ever time you do then you prove what morgan said about people being unfair to ps3 games. you dont realize this but your whole story is a contradiction. thanks for writing it cause you just proved ever thing he an some other people have been saying.

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