Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Red Dead Redemption and Resistance 3 running on the latest version of RPCS3

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind RPCS3 is doing an incredible work and below you can find some videos showing Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Red Dead Redemption and Resistance 3 running on the latest version of this Playstation 3 emulator."

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LiamKreptic928d ago

More proof that Dony *could* develop something like this. I know it’s running on a beefy PC, but hey I would love to go back and play some of my PS3 games on a PS4. However, I am still happy to boot up my nostalgic PS3!

gangsta_red928d ago

Agreed, it's definitely possible for some sort of emulation to run PS3 games. I'm sure if Sony spent the time, their technical wizards could come up with something. But then that would cut in to re-master/re-release sales, so that could also pose a problem.

LoveSpuds928d ago

It has nothing at all to do with eating into the profit margins of remasters, it is purely down to economics. The cost of developing a software solution to enable PS3 games to run on PS4 cannot be justified, it really is that simple.

gangsta_red928d ago

"PS3 games to run on PS4 cannot be justified,"

I think it can, especially when there has been remasters and re-releases through out this whole gen. The interest for nostalgic gaming is popular with the examples of the recent mini consoles, and the announcement of a PS1 mini. There has been nothing but requests from gamers for Sony to offer anything (especially from PSNow) to bring back PS3 games playable on PS4.

If this team from the article can spend time making PS3 games work, i'm sure a dedicated team from Sony could definitely get something together and work.

DafunkyRebel928d ago

It’s not like they don’t want to but the investors are against it and since the law prevents them from going against investors there’s really nothing they can do

Mr_Writer85927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

How is this proof?

Those specs are no where near a PS4.

If they get these games running as they did (or better) on a PC with similar specs to PS4 that would be proof.

But why would Sony develop a PS3 emulator on PS4 that the PS4 can't run?

"Agreed, it's definitely possible for some sort of emulation to run PS3 games."

Link? Or are you making stuff up?

Sony have said they couldn't do BC due to the cell, the fact that a PC with 5GHZ CPU and 16GB Ram struggles how do you expect a PS4 with 8GB Ram and 1.6GHZ CPU to run PS3 games flawlessly would cope?

Shineon927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

Ok now explain why PS4 is the only PlayStation that isn’t BC with original Ps One.

Mr_Writer85927d ago


I don't know. Most likely a business choice.

CanadianTurtle928d ago

It's runs like shit. Not to mention that they're probably playing on a beast PC.

LucasRuinedChildhood928d ago

It does run like shit but recent videos of this game being emulated were basically a slideshow (probably around 5 frames per second and sometimes less). This actually is a huge improvement.

GabrielBRLIVE928d ago

For now. Emulation is all about improvement. Take a look at Cemu for instance.

ProjectVulcan927d ago

I remember when PCSX2 ran like shit. The fact it ran any PS2 games at all was pretty incredible. Now you can run the vast majority of PS2 games extremely well, far beyond what a PS2 could ever dream of. It's a fantastic way to play the old PS2 collection.

People are blase about this PS3 emulator, but to get this level of compatibility already for one of the most complex consoles ever created is INCREDIBLE! It's amazing to even start this tier of software emulation in windows on x86 for a RISC based CELL processor let alone have something running this fast in game play.

Mr_Writer85927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

"YouTube’s ‘GrayT!’ has used an Intel Core i7 8700k at 5.0Ghz with 16GB DDR4 in order to run it at around 14-20fps."

I'm not the most technical minded person, my understanding of how this sort of thing works is pretty limited.

Yet I'm pretty sure if a PC like this is struggling than a PS4 (1.6GHZ and 8GB Ram) wouldn't be able to run these games, no matter how good your team is.

It's like suggesting you could run Crysis at full settings on an Apple 2.

But yeah it's NOTHING to do with technical specs, the experts who everyone says could do this have said they can't, but according to some guys on the internet it can be done and Sony are just evil and greedy.

LucasRuinedChildhood927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

I'm a reasonable man. PS3 emulation on PS5? I know the CELL architecture is causing a lot of issues but a man needs his PS3 games.

Also, last week emulation of this game was a literal slideshow and now we're at 14-20fps. We'll see further progress. These guys aren't even being paid to engineer a solution.

stuckNhere4Good927d ago

PS3 on PS5 is reasonable; and your reasonable request will most likely be granted for the reason I said in this thread...

XxExacutionerxX927d ago

It’s terrible that rockstar never released this on pc, and the only way to play this, is in a way that is free. Does rockstar not want money, a lot of people would have bought this game on pc, including me. Even though I have this on Xbox.

SamPao927d ago

its on ps now though ^^

LucasRuinedChildhood927d ago

The game suffered from a bad case of spaghetti code. The game devs probably crunched enough to get that game working on PS3 and the 360. If you asked them to port that game to PC, Rockstar would probably have needed to install nets around the buildings.

It's a shame but I think it's fairly safe to say that RDR2 will be coming to PC at some point though.

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