Catherine Patch Nearing Completion

Andriasang: Director shares some details on what to expect and hints at more content for the future.

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deafwing4225d ago

oh yea? cool
stuck on stage 8 currently on normal
decided to beat the game on easy instead :p
forget hard ... don't even bother if you have it

fossilfern4225d ago

Is there any word on an EU date ? If not i might just import it from NA. Looks like the kind of game id be in to

deafwing4225d ago

a us release was announced but since region 1 only works on us/jp ps3's then you'll have to wait it out and see

I mean most of the menus are in english anyways so it shouldn't be too hard to port to english speaking countries on the whoel

PirateThom4225d ago

Actually, PS3s are completely region free.