25 Needed Features for Killzone 3

The Killzone fans have spoken, and they feel as though Guerilla Games left out some key features that could have greatly improved the overall gameplay of Killzone 3. Here is a list of some essential features that we feel should be added or re-implemented into the game. If you feel like anything was left out , feel free to comment below and we’ll update it!

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thegamefanatics3805d ago

Your's full of awesomeness!

deafwing3805d ago

all great things missing from the MP

-Alpha3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Wth, I wrote this!



This was just a forum post copied into an article. I was only trying to outline what KZ3 lost in translation and am trying to talk to the devs on the forum to see if any of those features can come back.

It wasn't meant to be a totally serious post either. I don't expect spawn grenades to return but I do think taking step backs with something like stat tracking, removing theater replay, etc was something illogical to do in a sequel.

The article doesn't even source the forum post. Time for a lawlsuit?

cyborg69713805d ago

You should be pissed alpha and you were spot on with the list. I can't believe they took out so much stuff in a sequel, aren't you suppose to ADD to a sequel. Tell em to take off hoser.

theonlylolking3805d ago

HAHAHA you should sue them.

Nitrowolf23805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

lol dude i saw this and here i was thinking you submitted it as news

4me23805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I can not find the source (it was somewhere in official blog) but they announced that custom games (exactly like KZ2) patch coming shortly after release. So at least some of the features missing in KZ3 should come back.

Alpha-Male22- you having 8 bubbles makes me think twice about disagreeing with you (jk)

Pixelated_Army3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

What the fuck! Alpha I was the one who encouraged you to make this in the first place! No credit for me..?..that BS! haha

Oh god don't let the attention go to your head. :P lol Congrats dude!

DoomeDx3805d ago

I agree. Except for the Squad Respawn Alpha-male.

I mean..there is a 5 second respawn time. The abillity to spawn on your squad leader will just make it even worse.

It worked with killzone 2, because the respawn toke 10 seconds

BISHOP-BRASIL3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

If this list is your I agree on almost everything.

I disagree on #25, Sniper Rifles are supposed to take enemies out with one shot, don't matter if it hit the leg or arm, with big enough bullet no one fights back... Every game I heard the same complain and I don't know if there is a post-release solution but lowering the damage on snipers make no sense. Better would be if while designing the game devs think twice about including sniper rifles, most multiplayer maps on practically all shooter don't fit it, they fit marksman rifles at the best.

EDIT: I would like to add (for the next Killzone) they could use a longer campaing and a better ending. KZ3 was a great single player game (I'm just starting the MP today, so I won't judge for now) but when you are just wanting more, out of nowhere, the game ends on a kind of lame battle, totally oposite to KZ2 Radec battle.

The game also felt way easier (beated it on hardest dificulty available on first playthrough and made it through same parts without dying not even once) although I wouldn't say it's a problem, it's still fun.

HolyOrangeCows3805d ago

lol, they're making money off of it, too, thanks to their ads. That's BS.

NeloAnjelo3805d ago

Great Post Alpha. I agree with everything on the list. These made KZ2 so unique!

Dee_913805d ago


ChronoJoe3805d ago

To be fair a list like this is kind of... dumb.

There are a few key problems that GG need to focus on. I don't want them getting caught up with crap like re-adding honor ranking.

That and asking for features which can't happen (Custom music consumes more system resources) so they won't be able to add it in without improving efficiency of all code. An absurd request at post development stages.

killalot1003805d ago

LMAO as soon as I saw this I was like, they stoled this from a killzone 3 forum post I read a couple of days ago.

Zydake3805d ago

Hey i think you should. But then again if a website gained attention of your post that might be a good thing makes you think probably a dev read it too

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hiredhelp3805d ago

25 Needed Features for Killzone 3

LOL na seriously biggest flaw i found with kz3 multiplayer wise. was the matchmaking. total BS' we choose EU servers. yet you get people all over joining americans too. not being funny or having ago cos americans join but EU servers are meant to make connection better. thoe i feel kz2 was better choose your lobby's for best pings. all games seem to take this cheap route these days.

MintBerryCrunch3805d ago

why does the game give me the ability to make 4 turrets when it automatically destroys the one i have already set up...dumbest thing they did MP wise going from KZ2 to 3

CaliGamer3805d ago

I think that only 4 turrets can be active at any given time. So if you and 3 other people have a turret active, then another person would have to wait for one to be destroyed before they could place one.

Seems like they were trying to balance the game by doing that, one person with like 4 turrets racking up kills.

MintBerryCrunch3805d ago

i do realize that, but in KZ2 if 4 turrets arent active, you can set up a 2nd or 3rd turret if the slots are open, yet even if you level up your engineer in 3, the moment you try to place a 2nd turret to give you some support, your other turret blows up

-Alpha3805d ago

I learned that the hard way. Placed my second turret next to my first one and committed suicide

Soldierone3805d ago

And thats what was I stay alive long enough to earn a second turret and was wondering why my old one always disapeared. Thats just stupid

thehitman3805d ago

I believe its so u can change the location of the turret instead of placing 1 and its stuck there.

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norman293805d ago

Because if not it gives players the ability to camp and surround themselves with turrets, and if you have all 4 turrets active then your team mates cant activate any as its 4 turrets for the whole team not each player so GG had to give everyone a fair chance of using them, its just the same with the Drones, you call another one and the first one flys away.

MintBerryCrunch3805d ago

plus with the games going down from 32 to 24, less players rely on that class, if lets say you are the only engineer on your team, why shouldnt you be able to set up more than one turret

rdgneoz33805d ago

You can make multiple turrets if you live long enough and your turret gets destroyed. Same thing with my medic being able to have 3 medi-droids or such, if one blows up, wait for the cooldown to end and you can pop another.
That's all taking into consideration that you're good enough to survive that time frame without being killed. The extra "lives" or such for your turret or such refill over time or such.
Also, if you want to move your placement of a turret, ta-da, you have the ability to place it somewhere else to get the right placement to hold off the enemy, but you can only do so as long as you have extra available.

paintsville3805d ago

5 things
More enemy variety
Online Co-Op
4 player split screen

Oh that's more than 5. Oh and did I mention color?

XI_-Minty-_IX3805d ago

You haven't seen any footage of Kaznan Jungle or Blood Gracht, have you?

nycredude3805d ago


See kids. This is your brain on Xbox 360.

Nicaragua3804d ago

What the fuck does "more enemy variety" mean in an article that is discussing online gameplay?

Playing against human beings not good enough for you anymore?

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nightmarex1213805d ago

If everyone had 4 turrets you could just mass them which is really cheap. Also they to encourage people to hack other people turrets. But yeah i think their should be a least 2 turrets if its like a big map.

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RXL3805d ago

i tried playing online last night and couldn't find a game for the life of me...are the servers down?

someone please answer..

-in need of some kz mp!

Paradise Lost3805d ago

Was working fine with me, got in a game within 10 seconds.

NBT913805d ago

Been working ever since launch (occasional disconnects though) that is here in the UK.

KRATOS-PS33805d ago

Well, I'm having connection problemes too sometimes. Maybe GG having problems with the servers, I don't know - but the MP is great. GG made an awesome job with this game.

RXL3805d ago

bubbles to all who responded...thank you.

ZombieAssassin3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

The match making hasn't been that great for some, the devs are working on it though trying to figure out what's causing it. I think that's why they have been shutting down the servers lately for a couple of hours, to try and fix them.

Lol thanks

RXL3805d ago


awesome name btw lol

Soldierone3805d ago

You must be playing Black Ops instead, check the disc. :P Joking aside, a patch is coming out soon that should fix the issues. In the meantime just leave and come back and it should work.

RXL3805d ago

that is no [email protected] the connectivity issues of black ops..

i like playing but it's frustrating when all you want to do is play..and you get that stupid little disconnect sign..

i could stick my finger down a kittens throat every time that pops up

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the_kutaragi_baka3805d ago

Killzone 3 need more maps for operations mode.

Silver_Faux3805d ago

They'l come man if you can wait, which sucks i know.

Biggest3805d ago

I like that they added a mode similar to Rush. Now my two favorite multiplayer modes are in the same game! (Warzone and "Rush")

ZombieAssassin3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Ha i think this guy just stole Alpha-Male22's list from the Killzone forums damn near word for word, still it's true it needs damn near all of them.


EDIT: Ha he doesn't seem to remember you him asking

G3Titan_3805d ago

I talked to alpha male and got his permission ,and as you can see I'm not taking any credit whatsoever. It directly states "The Killzone Fans Have Spoken".

-Alpha3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

When did you get my permission?

Are you even aware I'm on both the KZ forums and on N4G?

xjumpman233805d ago


here you can use my thread as long as you cite me as the source .

rdgneoz33805d ago

Yah, "The Killzone Fans Have Spoken", but you should give credit when its not your words. You never mentioned Alpha-Male22 at all in your editorial, so you saying fans have spoken can make it seem like you wrote those words and are speaking for all KZ fans.

AssassinHD3805d ago

You don't technically need his permission, as Alpha-Male22 likely does not own a copyright for his forum post, but still, making an article centered around his forum post without affording him the simple courtesy of asking him gives me a very poor impression about your character. Of course then you lied about getting his permission so you look even worse.

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G3Titan_3805d ago

I messaged him via psn and the kz forums whether he got it or not I don't know but all I am trying to do is give it a chance to be seen. I never once tried to take credit as I said you can clearly see that it states "The Killzone fans have spoken, and they feel as though Guerilla Games left out some key features that could have greatly improved the overall gameplay of Killzone 3."

Soldierone3805d ago

Its not correctly sourced either way. and saying "i dont know if he got it or not" is also another mistake. Either he allowed you to copy it or not.

If you were a big site like IGN you could of gotten in a lot more trouble than people telling you this.

Either re write it in your own words next time or source it correctly. Name of author, and link to website location, with article in quotes.

KwietStorm_BLM3805d ago

Lol you don't know if he got it or not. That's your case? All you have to do is cite the author and source. Even after people have called you out on it, you still have not. It's not that hard.

G3Titan_3805d ago

All he wanted was his username and the forum link.

AssassinHD3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

So you don't know if he got your messages, but somehow that translates into "I got his permission"?

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