Fan Made Live Action Short "Killzone: Extraction" Is Rather Epic

Killzone fans out there should have no problem appreciating this beauty. YouTube user Pwnisher and friends have made a rather epic live action short called "Killzone: Extraction." The short follows four ISA soldiers from Alpha Squad trying to reach an extraction point before an inbound airstrike hits.

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Dante1124896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

Nice! Not bad and well made. I'll definitely be watching out for more fan vids from these guys.

HardcoreGamer4896d ago

not bad at all. good work. but it must of been hard to get all that gear.

BloodyNapkin4896d ago

WTF you mean not bad. That was totally awesome......

scott1824896d ago

That was awesome, I would like to see someone else make one better.

Eddie201014895d ago

That was great, But where's Ricco?

CameronL994895d ago

The guy with the heavy machine gun was Ricco

xDSJxPyro4896d ago

Where is FreddieW when you need him. Just kidding, this is one amazing "fan made" film.

Bull5hifT4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

yeah it was pretty good.didnt like the guy staring at the camera too much otherwise Great.. yeah FreddieW woulda Cleaned it up Perfectly... Im really interested in seeing if he'll work on a Full Length Feature... His style reminds me of playing MGS or watching those old Clint Eastwood Westerns, Orchestrated Violence

SexCells4896d ago

Wow! Was amazingly epic!!!!