How much are the Killzone 3 Super Voucher and SOCOM 4 beta access codes worth?

A quick look at how much the Super Voucher and SOCOM 4 early access multiplayer beta access codes from Killzone 3 are worth on auction sites like eBay.

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UnSelf4482d ago

didnt everyone get a socom beta code?

i did and i didnt pre order nor buy any CE/ HG ediitions

rdgneoz34482d ago

The socom 4 beta invites came with every game, the super voucher was from the Helghast edition.

SuicideShaun4482d ago

@legendz The voucher was to have all the guns and double xp unlocked for 2 days.

Biggest4482d ago

It was for 24 hours from the first moment of multiplayer.

GLoRyKnoT4482d ago

I got the Helghast edition. Not use my super voucher yet but the game is awesome! :) (beat SP last night)

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Mmmkay4482d ago

i did not. but i guess the eu verison is different. after all we got the steel book ce in the helghast edt. and the retro map pack and soundtrack twice..

--------4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Yeah, I got the UK Steelbook Collectors edition for £45. With everything unlocked, double xp, retro map pack, soundtrack album, dynamic theme, 3 unlock points and some other free stuff - I can't complain about not getting a SOCOM 4 Beta code. Also picked up the Collectors Edition Guide Book.

GAME have updated their listing for the aforementioned item, and the multiplayer bonuses (double xp etc.) are all removed from the package! Glad I pre-ordered way back when it was announced.

I still find it amazing that before I had even played one multiplayer match, I'd been given a pre release demo, 2 betas, 9 unlock points, Playstation Home mini game & avatar, the super voucher and loads of trailers/game footage on the Killzone site - that's why I love GG, they appreciate their fanbase :)

FFXI1014482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

I got the US Helghast edition, I'd love to have the steel book case though :(

I like everything in the Helghast edition like Jmorgan mention above.

Tachyon_Nova4482d ago

@ Jmorgan - That stuff GG gave yours hardly that out there is it? Consider, every high profile game gets a tone of screens and videos released on the Internet. Also consider that you had to pay extra for the super voucher and the unlock points.

Now consider that if you preorder Crysis 2 you get the limited edition at no extra price. This gives you the equivalent of unlock points (boost to rank 5) amongst other stuff. Crysis 2 will also get 2 demos and a beta at least, and will have probably just as much media released.

If GG really loved their fanbase above making money, they wouldn't have made retailer specific bonuses for pre orders would have they?

Spitfire_Riggz4482d ago


"GG appreciates their fanbase"

Not when they are already announcing Dlc. God that pisses me off.

ian724482d ago

I was wondering why I haven't got the SOCOM Beta code. Must not be doing the beta here, (UK).

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Klipz-Wish4482d ago

Not everyone wanted to buy killzone for the socom 4 beta

SuicideShaun4482d ago

No... But at least it was a pick-me-upper after I was disappointing with the game

rdgneoz34482d ago

"after I was disappointing with the game"

And the English language is 'disappointed' with you.

SuicideShaun4482d ago

I guess I should type this comment in a long witty way to apologize for my spelling failure because I was up all night and day, nah I don't really feeeeeeeeel like it.

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doa7664482d ago

the code doesn't work yet

rdgneoz34482d ago

Check the socom 4 site as the voucher says, they haven't set a date yet for the beta so of course it won't work just yet. It'll probably be sometime in March, seeing as they said check back the 28th for more info.

Mmmkay4482d ago

do you get the helghast helmet with crysis 2 ???

DrRichtofen4482d ago

Does anyone know when the Socom beta starts?

dp2774074482d ago

I still have my code for the map packs and whatever else you get i dont know what im going to do with it.

DrRichtofen4482d ago

if you dont want the mappack i wouldn't having it.

showtimefolks4482d ago

while i was trying to scratch the bar i messed up the code lol. but i know i want socom so not worries

have yet to even start playing single player for killzone 3 been online in warzone. GG have done a masterful job

a lot of times my i can play other modes not warzone it sometimes gives me a error and sometimes saying world is full -946

anyone else than i restart my system and it works

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dougr4482d ago

I bought Killzone specifically for the beta code. The multiplayer for Killzone is okay, but it's not really my style. Sold it on amazon for $45 so I paid $15 for a beta code. Stupid? Maybe, but I don't know how to get a beta code without Killzone so I took the risk, hopefully zipper makes it worth it.

DEADEND4482d ago

Come on man why did you do that for, sounds like you didn't even try to enjoy Killzone 3.

dougr4482d ago

I played it for a good 10-12 hours online before I sold it, I just didn't like the online style. The gimmicks aren't my style in online shooters, like the gimmick where you can disguise yourself, dying that way just gets on my nerves. I like more of a straight on style of play, like Socom offers, and to an extent Call of Duty. I will say I liked the online better than Call of Duty, the flaws however just really turned me off. Seriously though, why can't I customize my own weapon? That is the type of stuff that just kills it for me.

rdgneoz34482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Of course he didn't try.

2 days ago, "question, I don't really care a lot for Killzone, but should all copies that are on shelves now come with a Socom code? Because I'll buy Killzone just for a Socom beta code."

So yah, he bought the game within 2 days, "played it online for 10-12 hours", probably didn't play the single player, and then sold it for 45 about a day later.

Also, he mentions "flaws" but mentions none, except for saying he didn't like being able to disguise yourself as the enemy to confuse them (which smart people can see through as you can just aim at your teammates / shoot them to see if they're disguised or check the mini map for people on your team) and customizing weapons.

On the bright side, idiots buying a game just for a beta code when it'll probably come from for PS+ users around the same time as well as having an open beta soon after, helps make developers money so they can keep producing great games and not go out of business.

dougr4482d ago

@rdgneoz3 Even if I liked Killzone I wouldn't have bought it to play single player. Nice troll job.

As for your flaws comment, maybe you need to learn how to fucking read. Where did I mention flaws what-so-ever? I said gimmick, not flaw. I'm sure people love that you can disguise yourself or go invisible, I don't, therefore I stated I didn't like the GIMMICK. Then if you would have gone on to read, I stated why I didn't like the gimmick, because I enjoy more straight forward game play. Seriously if you are going to be a fan boy, and take offense because someone doesn't enjoy something as much as you do, maybe you should at least work on your reading comprehension skills. Also I don't know how you get off on calling someone and idiot because they bought something for a beta access code. For one I'm not a PS+ user, I see no purpose of it, and for another, Nobody knows if the beta is going to be opened up for all of the public. If they do it's likely going to be for a week or so, and I prefer to play the beta from the start, because I love Socom. Apparently you have a tough time dealing with differing opinions, so you should just take your stupidity somewhere else.

hellzsupernova4482d ago

socom sounds amazing especially co op from what ign have said in their preview where they won a press event invovling teams so yeah id say it was worth it. hopefully socom 4 delivers aparently the AI is amazing

blackburn54482d ago

You really have nothing to do, do you? You could have just NOT gotten it or WAIT for a public beta. You know ,have patience, that thing no gamer has anymore?

dougr4482d ago

What makes you think there is even going to be a public beta? I didn't want to take the chance on missing out on the beta entirely, it had nothing to do with patience, or not having anything to do, so I really have no clue why you would even say something like that. And isn't game sales the thing every gamer is so concerned about now? Well Killzone got my game sale, even if it wasn't because I was that interested in their game.

RXL4482d ago

i still have my socom beta access code unused..

i was never a big fan of the socom games..

meh..ill sell it to someone for twenty bucks!

LoneWanderer094482d ago

I got a Beta code, but am not going to use it

Tripl3seis4482d ago

Hey there buddy if ur not going to use the beta code how about helping a fellow playstation gamer by giving the code if ur not going to use it thanks man it would be very usefull :)

Dante1124482d ago

I can't believe that people are actually playing that much money for a Socom 4 beta code when you can just ask a manager at Blockbuster for one for free. That's how most on the Socom forums got theirs.

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