FTG Dual Impressions: Dragon Age 2 Demo: What Have You Done to My Dragon Age?

"So the Dragon Age 2 demo came out. I was rather hopeful for this game since Dragon Age: Origins is my favorite game ever. Let me make sure this is clear with all of you: Dragon Age: Origins is a glorious, fantastic game. It is well written, has amazing character, and uses perfectly executed tactical combat. It is the pinnacle of RPG games. Every RPG should try to be it, and nothing needed to be changed."- Darth Bedivere

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Kran4867d ago

Made it better. Thats what. Better graphics. Better dialogue. Better everything. And. The load screens dont take years.

NYC_Gamer4867d ago

i'm still upset about the action based combat....

Kran4867d ago

I quite like it. Much better than Origin's/Awakening.

And I bet people think its too easy. In the demo playthrough for me, Hawke got knocked down twice.

HolyOrangeCows4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

I thought the new combat was going to improve it.

Boy was I wrong. The only real change is that you have to mash X/A/etc over and over instead of it being done automatically. The AI is pretty dull, too. They constantly allow themselves to get surrounded and die very quickly.

I was only sort of a fan of the first game. Definitely won't be picking up 2.

"I guess people are scared of a change"
That's what all people say when their crappy ideas are shut down.

JohnnyMann4204867d ago

Wait a sec. If you hate the action based combat then don't use it.

The old method of clicking and waiting was horrible. Queing up really doesn't make sense in an action setting. All it does is slow crap down.

Now we have the best of both worlds. We can pause and Queue OR choose to take the action route.

Sounds like we all win, right?

Fragger2k84867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )


I am as well. Finally an article about DA 2 that I can relate to.

I can't believe how much they changed the game from the first one, it's complete bs and should not have happened. It's not the same game anymore.

Origins was an amazing game, and the combat was great and it had a D&D feel to it and focused on using tactics, but now we have this crappy way-too-fast action game that totally killed that.. All for the idiots out there that can't appreciate a great game.

When you're catering an RPG like Dragon Age to the masses, you are making a horrible mistake. But that's just my two cents..

teething4867d ago

I 100% disagree with the reviewer. Mind you, I am coming from the 360 side of things.

Better graphics, better gameplay, proper dialogue from your character, better menus, combat that is fun. I tried so hard to like origins, but could not. This, I like.

This is the problem with reviews from super-fans: they tend to fawn all over something, or resist change 100%.

Iroquois_Pliskin4867d ago

I guess people are scared of a change.

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despair4867d ago

Graphics still suck, dialog not that great, just reference the chantry woman in the beginning and the male templar and the combat has been striped down to something resembling dynasty warriors with mass groups of enemies and a lot more hack and slash with less tactics, a lot less.

I am very disappointed in the game, seems like they wanted to do for DA2 what ME2 did, only that one made some sense while this one seems like it will suffer. I know its only a demo but I don't like it that much and its not like I was a massive fan of the original either so its not die hard fanboyism.

pain777pas4867d ago

Wow. I'm truly surprised by the angst. I think that DA2 is the game for me. you have different character types and can switch between them on the fly for a different combat feel. Love the mage and the sort of melee style combat. The pause button is still there too. I'm going to download the demo off steam today before I make my decision on which platform I get this game for. The first in on PC but the console version to me looks MUCH better than before so it will come down to gameplay.

ceed9114867d ago

I played for over +65 hours completing everything quest in the Dragon Age game. That doesn't even include my completion of the expansion.

I was wrapped up the in the game's universe,storyline, and dialogue. I loved it so much I Suffered through the crappy gameplay that it was filled with.

I know the "hardcore" RPG fans feel the need to riot because "OMGZ CHANGE!" but this was a much needed fix to a broken combat system that made combat boring up until the 50th hour and then even after that it wasn't that great.

The current way Bioware has set up Dragon Age its quality has the ability to compete with Mass Effect. Now Mass Effect is obviously the better choice but DA has been pushed up into that tier thanks to its changes.

I applaud Bioware for not catering to the same 10 people who spam their forums about changes and rather did what they believe was right.

dc14867d ago

I too have spent countless hours with DAO (Well over 100- the game was immersive). However, I have to express my displeasure with the unrealistic fighting style (Everything is secondary when compared to this). In short, it’s very cartoonish/unrealistic: it disengaged me from the world that Bioware created. --See Demon's souls combat as a referential example of realistic action orientated combat perfection (but agreeable at a much slower pass than preferred DA).
Not a diatribe.. just my quick opinion.

ceed9114867d ago

Not to say your wrong about this combat being unrealistic but I believe the warrior could kill someone in the last game by screaming loudly toward the end.

dc14867d ago

But it felt like it fit. (Skyrim has a similar shout)
Here’s to holding out hope for slight modifications...
On a positive note, I'm sure the story will be just as good.

JohnnyMann4204865d ago

Unrealistic? Yeah, because in the real world you queue up your punch if you get in a fight?

Yeah last night I queued up my dinner and then got in my car and queued up where it should drive.

Please don't talk "realism" in a game with friggen dragons, ok?

dc14865d ago

Johnny... ever heard of a context driven arguments....

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maxcavsm4867d ago

I guess we'll see in a matter of weeks. Now how in the hell am I going to have this sitting at my house while I'm at PAX East?

ArtsyGamer4867d ago

Did anyone else have issues in the demo with stuttering graphics? Especially when the Dragon comes down and when starting battles.

ceed9114867d ago

what were you playing on?

ArtsyGamer4867d ago

Tried it on both the PS3 and 360, they both had weird stuttering. I was skipping the cut scenes however, so maybe it loads some during the cut scenes and had trouble catching up.

Stealth20k4867d ago

finally someone is making sense