Killzone 3: My Early Impressions

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy of Killzone 3. Over the next 30+ hours, I’ll give updates on Single Player, Botzone (mainly for the maps since the servers seem to be closed for now) and any other cool tidbits I find while playing.

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Relientk772824d ago

Long story, short

It's good.

Pixel_Enemy2824d ago

I still have my closed beta file to play botzone and when I play it comes up as "KILLZONE 3" and all of my friends keep sending me messages asking how I broke the street date. lol.

Rainstorm812824d ago

I also have the game early....and i was hoping for some online...the SP isnt bad.... but MP is more my thing

GameNTrain2824d ago

Thank you. We appreciate that!

electricshadow2824d ago

VERY good read, GameNTrain! Keep it up!

colonel1792824d ago

It might be the demo, but I found K3 technically less impressive than K2. The animations when the helghast get shot are fewer, and the blood doesn't "splash" the way it did in K2. Also, the textures don't seem to be as good as K2. It may be too that implementing 3D had to made some sacrifices in the performance.

Does anyone else notice this?

MightyMatt1012824d ago

hmmm... I've noticed the blood not splashing as much But as far as everything else it seems a step above to me. The death animations are definitely better imo. The big plus to me is the AIthe helghast seema lot smarter this time around and more aggressive.

-Alpha2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It did look a little rougher, but again, that's the demo.

Note that K3 doesn't have "object based motion blur" like K2 did (from what I'm reading) Maybe it isn't something you'd notice consciously but that's the only real difference I've read. K3 does much more than K2, remember GG saying one level had more setpieces/action going on than the entirety of K2.

Other then that I haven't noticed much. And I'm certain 3D played some role. It still looks sharp regardless.

shadow27972824d ago

I'm fairly certain it still has object based motion blur, it's just been toned down. Actually, all of the post-processing effects have been toned down or removed (ie: camera lens effects) in favor of better AA (or at least a clearer image), better textures, more open environments, and a further draw distance.

So it depends which style you prefer. To be perfectly honest, I think I prefer KZ2's, because I was in love with all the post-processing effects. KZ3 still looks great though, and it plays wonderfully.

-Alpha2824d ago

I don't know the first thing about technical graphics but that's what I read.

I think I remember K2's demo looking a lot cleaner than K3's, but I guess I'll find out Tuesday.

gamer20102824d ago

I think the thing is that they got rid of the quincunx anti-aliasing which got rid of the associated blur. This makes everything clearer which makes texture defects and jaggies more noticeable. It's a mixture of good and bad for me. I thought Killzone 2 had a more CGI look about it.

moodymofo2824d ago

i think the psn demo is the E3 demo and the retail version will be much more polished .i saw some of the first 15 minute vid and it looked awsome

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Bathyj2824d ago

Take that IGN.

Yeah it funny how no shooters have very good stories, some are just bad stories told well, but all of a sudden Killzone has to be Citizen Kane, (which is boring as f*&k BTW.)

Bathyj2824d ago

Hmmm, a disagree.

My apologies to any Orson fans.

Nitrowolf22824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

this movie was so long, but perhaps considered one of the best films from directors/film makers standpoints

Kakihara2824d ago

I'm not the disagreer but I'll take that apology. Citizen Kane is a fantastic film, it may be fairly low on action but then it doesn't have to be Killzone 3 does it??

Bathyj2824d ago

No it doesnt, just as Killzone doesnt need to be Citizen Kane.

If it was, the phrase would probably be "Nosebleed."

That sounded funnier in my head.

shadow27972824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure the 3 hours was worth the fantastic ending. It's a good movie, but it really didn't have to be that long. Personally, Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon are higher on my awesome old movies list.

SpitFireAce852824d ago

Lucky SOB got a early copy of KZ3...

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